The Real Gatekeepers of Everywhere Fabulous

Corporatized party throwing is a protean art. Goodie bags are inconstant and signature cocktails ebb and flow like the tides. Tuesday’s paper lanterns might be magenta, and on Wednesday… purple. What every exclusive event has in common, however, is that if you wish to enter—YOU MUST BE ON THE LIST! Thus the door and its masters are the nonnegotiable (in more ways than one) elements of branded celebrations like the very ones that garnish the… [read more »]

Real Housewives of Art Basel Miami

Marysol Patton Photographed at Fendi Casa in the Design District. Marysol wears jewelry by Orianne Collins Kevin: Art Marysol: Color Kevin: Artist Marysol: Bohemian Kevin: Art fair Marysol: Oh god…. Masses. Kevin: Art Basel Marysol: Glitzy Kevin: Design Marysol: Fascinating Kevin: Designer Marysol: Fun Kevin: Fashion Marysol: Passion Kevin: Style Marysol: Born with it Kevin: Party Marysol: Cocktails Kevin: Luxury Marysol: Patton Group Kevin: Brand Marysol: Image Kevin: Wealth Marysol: Interesting Kevin: Fake Marysol: Dreadful… [read more »]