The Winners, DIScrit 89plus

Katerina Llanes interviews the winners of this year’s DIScrit: Niko Karamyan and Tierney Finster, winners of the open public vote, and Riccardo Paratore, winner of the International Jury Vote. Here, the winners discuss their influences behind their projects, as well as issues of connectivity and globalization as related to how they identify themselves within their unique spaces. In addition to the title, the winners also received the €15,000 Re Rebaudengo Serpentine Grant to award their work and honor their emerging… [read more »]

Fujiwara @ Performa!

Simon Fujiwara’s The Boy Who Cried Wolf is a dreamlike blend of autobiographical fantasy, homoerotic desire, and the power of Abstract Expressionism to change a young boy’s sexual life. The story weaves in and out of re-imagined scenes from Fujiwara’s own life, but with a twist. A wedding scene, his parent’s bar set in Franco’s Spain and a confrontation with himself in the Mirror Stage all come together to paint the perfect non-linear narrative. Is… [read more »]