DISmiss | Jennifer Moon

Jennifer Moon is in her own words an artist, adventurer and revolutionary. With the slogan “Always for the love of continuous expansion for all on this earth and beyond!” she heralds an idea of revolution based on abundance, acceptance and above all love. Yet it’s not just a matter of self-help and feelings; Moon’s mission is clear and she wants to change the current system. With four primary factions each dedicated to a pressing topic… [read more »]


OCEANS BREATHE SALTY, A one-day exhibition November 21, 2015 at CompleteBody fitness center, New York. With: Amanda Alfieri, Contemporary Cruising (Tomislav Feller and Manuel Scheiwiller), Anissa Djeziri & Mette Krebs, Lea Guldditte Hestelund, I’m Making a Boyband (Bora Kim, Karin Kuroda, Samantha Y. Shao), and Heine Kjærgaard Klausen. Curated by Mette Woller. Sound piece: Lea Guldditte Hestelund – Your Body Is Your Temple, 2015. Music: Kenton Slash Demon – Skydancer I. Photographer: Søren Aagaard. Videographer:… [read more »]

I Would Prefer Not to Include My Name | Eva and Franco Mattes

The task of a content moderator is to decide what content on an online platform is permitted to stay and what should be removed. Sometimes the guidelines are clear, e.g. remove all images of Al Qaeda, while other times it’s a question of subjective judgement whether or not the content is inappropriate. Eva and Franco Mattes are the artists behind the exhibition I Would Prefer Not to Include My Name, part of a larger project… [read more »]


Back to basics, the Land Lords fired us one by one using what resembled a bird call and we stared at them blankly. We thought the promises of social mobility meant we would only move upward but down the ranks to the bottom we went, our skin shoved into metal drawers, eye balls placed in jars and hair carefully slid into plastic bags. We slowly witnessed our new faces become emblems on signs with the… [read more »]