The Word “Remix” Is Corny.

WHY 1. Eugene Levy The word remix is now corny due to its associations with the lost fashionability of a certain “mash up” trend in music that happened too recently to be considered retro chic and too long ago to be considered contemporary; it’s caught in a purgatory of taste. Being 500 blog years old (5 human years) doesn’t make something “vintagely” sexy; it just makes it more difficult to find when going through a… [read more »]

Why MFA Critiques Are Futile Exercises

If you are applying to an MFA program to enlighten yourself through radical experimentation with likeminded peers please stay home; you’ll be happier there. In my experience, MFA programs do not serve those purposes. Instead, MFA programs are finishing schools, diving boards best suited for those who have honed in on a style or subject matter in specificity and are hoping to take the next step in their career toward gallery representation, college-level teaching, or… [read more »]

Club Kids: The Social Life of Artists on Facebook

// Facebook is the platform on which our generation negotiates its artists’ respective brands and the tenuous connections between them. Facebook is tactically governed by a kind of silent populism– the subtle linking of identities through ‘Likes’, ‘Shares’, and brief but favorable commentary.Some peoples buy twitter followers or likes to grow up their fan base. Silence, in this case, is fitting because the formation of social ties is a gradual process on the part of… [read more »]

Screens on Screens | Ben Schumacher

The story about the liquid added to public pools that turns urine into an obvious blue color –mapping the perpetrator’s bodily fluids as far as they drift– is actually an urban myth used to deter people from the thought of peeing in pools. It is, however, a decent way to begin thinking about Ben Schumacher’s art. The drift of images and objects through the internet is a process silently contested, and many of Schumacher’s projects… [read more »]