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DIS Magazine: Triennial Awareness #ta15

Triennial Awareness #ta15

DIS Magazine: New Faces Looking for Work

New Faces Looking for Work

Even in a model casting, nothing goes without saying.

DIS Magazine: Motherhood Incorporated

Motherhood Incorporated

This season Maison Martin Margiela is keeping the world abreast of the latest trends in multitasking maternitywear.

DIS Magazine: Kinæsthetic Companions

Kinæsthetic Companions

Two Buddies Get Bodied in Their Most Private Place—Their Home

DIS Magazine: Best Trends Forever

Best Trends Forever

It's a Summer Trend "4 cast"! The cast of Ryan Trecartin's The Re'Search wears this summer's most memorable maybes.

DIS Magazine: Performance Art

Performance Art

High performance compression gear and body shapers protect and sculpt the figure to maximum perfection.

DIS Magazine: Photo 101: The Death of the Photographer

Photo 101: The Death of the Photographer

Aspiring to be a photographer? It's easy just like you.

DIS Magazine: New in Stock

New in Stock

Introducing DIS Images in a New Museum "Free" association


Serial Systems of Six Sided Packages or dude, where is my stash?


Elastic Youth: Interpreting the Scrunchie Presented by DIS

DIS Magazine: About DIS

About DIS

DIS Magazine: DIS week: Fake Boobs, Fast Food, and ‘What’s Cool’

DIS week: Fake Boobs, Fast Food, and ‘What’s Cool’

DISweek - 08 November


Zachary Araki | 2013-01-22 10:52 PM

DIS Magazine: Competing Images

Competing Images

How to document art in an attention economy.

DIS Magazine: Art School Trends

Art School Trends

DIS traveled to the campuses of Pratt, Parsons, and Cooper Union to bring you the latest curriculum—and lifestyle—update.

DIS Magazine: (.Y.) Breast Dressed

(.Y.) Breast Dressed

Springtime means one thing: looking busted and loving it.

DIS Magazine: .jpeggings


What to Wear for the content-aware