solomon chase

DIS Magazine: DIS Without Borders

DIS Without Borders

Every body heals.

DIS Magazine: Contemporary Internet Lifestyles

Contemporary Internet Lifestyles

DIS teamed up with Parker Ito to explore Contemporary Internet Lifestyles.

DIS Magazine: Shanzhai Anxiety

Shanzhai Anxiety

An item idem + DIS collaboration, with essay by Victoria Camblin

DIS Magazine: Shoes in Shoes

Shoes in Shoes

Shoe layering for cross-seasonal style hybrids

DIS Magazine: Soft Negotiations

Soft Negotiations

A de-stressed desk will give your business peace of mind (and body).


Room B6: refresh_forum

DIS Magazine: New in Stock

New in Stock

Introducing DIS Images in a New Museum "Free" association

DIS Magazine: Wear 2 Bed

Wear 2 Bed

With this integrated sleepwear, you can finally rest easy.


A DISfunction Takes Miami

DIS Magazine: Global Depot

Global Depot

Big-box solutions for dynamic lifescaping

DIS Magazine: Currently Bending

Currently Bending

Casually contorted cargo is the latest twist in men's activewear.

DIS Magazine: How to Hide from Machines

How to Hide from Machines

The perilous glamour of life under surveillance.

DIS Magazine: In a Pinch

In a Pinch

Explore casual sensations with functional nipple clamp necessities by FAUX/real

DIS Magazine: DIS Summer Trends

DIS Summer Trends



DIS Magazine: MANicures


Nail them to the wall in the boardroom, the bedroom, and the locker room with MANicures by DIS Magazine.

DIS Magazine: Hooper Place

Hooper Place

Sex, Blackmail, and Murder: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at DIS Magazine's Brutal and Erotic Office Politics

DIS Magazine: DIS Spring Trends

DIS Spring Trends


Into the Hoop

DIS Magazine: Hoop Dreams

Hoop Dreams

Upgrade your status with a boost of XX-L HOOPS!