Designers wage war over the waistband, finding real estate where it really counts. Try a hands-free sext with hyper-scaled text! Zac wears underwear by 2(x)ist.

Mikey wears underwear by Emporio Armani.

Excess Baggage? Eliminate it!... with this simple and elegant 2-in-1 halter rack-sack.

Fitting in can be very expensive. Leigha fakes it until she makes it, with homemade iPod by Edie Fake, Bluetooth and cigarette.

Take back laundry night with these empowering skirts. One size fits all. Simply cut off the bottom and slip in! Seen here on Artemis, Lauren, Gewet, Nina and Lisa.

Need a new beanie? Keep your pants on! Cut your jeans to the thigh, make a knot, and cuff the ankles. Different styles create different looks: try bell bottoms for a more extreme look and loose fit if you're feeling casual. Curie wears straight leg jean beanie by J.Crew.

Ashley wears a relaxed-fit khaki pant with the waistband removed.

So long, decade of the thong! Kiss your G-string goodbye and step out with baggy panties. Xavier wears her over-sized underwear low and exposed.

The 'I'm not pregnant' look is big this season for men and women. Anthony and Karen wear 'I'm not pregnant' bottoms.

Andrew and Paul wear tank tops by Telfar.

Anna Jane and David wear imitation medical scrubs in shiny denim.

Faux modesty—or faux sexiness, depending on how you look at it—is all the rage. If the body glove fits, you must acquit! Jude and Clara hit all the right notes with their family-friendly looks for spring.

Shirts as pants worn here by Xavier and Ross.

Bike shorts become sexed-up skirts with just a few cuts and a few stitches. Fumi sports bike shorts from Nike.

Bail on your bag for some jewelry that gets the job done. Murphy wears his personals strung around his neck.

This just in: Marijuana is very popular this spring. Dede tokes in bespoke, with weed jewelry by Mended Veil and dress by Gerlan Jeans.

Like Captain Hook, you can't escape the tick-tock of the Croc. Katie wears Crocs with Crocs brand key chain, from New High (M)art, and cell phone sleeve.

Denim is indigenous American dress code. Preston wears denim hula skirt by Telfar with a homemade denim lei.

Decoupaged cell phones are gaining popularity. Irina adds personal style to her mobile phone.

The furry and fuzzy trend has officially hit the streets.

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