DIS Magazine: Ask Natasha | How do you art?

Ask Natasha | How do you art?

Q: How do you art?

DIS Magazine: HBA Superego SS15: The Score

HBA Superego SS15: The Score

The soundtrack to Hood By Air's SS15 Paris presentaton, by Venus X and Fatima al Qadiri

DIS Magazine: We Are Here For You, Until

We Are Here For You, Until

Beauty shoot by Logan Jackson, annotated by Mehron Abdollmohammadi

DIS Magazine: 10,000 Screaming Faggots

10,000 Screaming Faggots

Exclusive! The #FW14 Hood By Air ¡soundtrack! and backstage #beauty pics

DIS Magazine: Luar Zepol’s Polar Vortex

Luar Zepol’s Polar Vortex

Exclusive! Gatekeeper's frozen score for Luar Zepol #FW14, with photography by Christine Hahn

DIS Magazine: M/L Artspace | NAIL US UNISEX SALON


Opening Reception @ M/L Artspace | NAIL US

DIS Magazine: Japan Trend Shop

Japan Trend Shop

DIS Magazine: » Gallerinas » Gallerinas

DIS Magazine: » Max Farago » Max Farago

Untitled: Stock Portraits

DIS Magazine: From “Beauty” to Bland… and Back Again

From “Beauty” to Bland… and Back Again

A personal history of stock photography

DIS Magazine: Divorced from Reality

Divorced from Reality

Kan You Kontour Like Kim Kontest

DIS Magazine: Roxanne Edwards Is Superhuman

Roxanne Edwards Is Superhuman

"All I am is muscle and eyes and teeth and some abs. That’s it!"

DIS Magazine: Miss Figure

Miss Figure

Behind the scenes with Kelly Keiser at the Team Universe National Figure Competition

DIS Magazine: Priceless


DIS Tween Beauty Correspondent gives Liza Thorn a glam new look.

DIS Magazine: Performance Art

Performance Art

High performance compression gear and body shapers protect and sculpt the figure to maximum perfection.

DIS Magazine: Spa Spell

Spa Spell

Wellness and Beauty, We Invoke Thee.®


Portfolio of a Hair Model

DIS Magazine: Pastiche as Technique

Pastiche as Technique

Where did all the beautiful architecture go? Instead of holding onto their territory, architects have found solace in efficiency, economy, and the elegance of the diagram. In other words, stylistic and conceptual minimalism.