Roxanne Edwards Is Superhuman

What made me start working out is I wanted to look good naked. Now I look good naked. What makes you think that I’m gonna put clothes on it so that you can’t tell that I look good naked?
Are you insane?

At Project No. 8 Roxanne wears Emilio Cavallini arm band and Adidas Slvr wedge pumps.

Victoria's Secret Pink tank and Faux/Real necklace.

How is that possible that everyone thinks I’m great except the people who should think I’m great?

Norma Kamali bathing suit with Ed Hardy tattoo sleeve.

So you’re not going to be stronger because you use a steroid. You were already strong before you started. A steroid just allows you to do it for a longer time so you’re able to create more muscle. Now in terms of myself, yeah I have, and the ones that I’ve used were to make me harder on stage. Twwiiice as hard!—so where I’m just gonna be see through; you’re looking at my lungs on stage.

VPL dress worn with Faux/Real body bracelet and matching wrist bracelet.

Roxanne wears her own competition suit and boots at BOSIDAMJANOVIC Gallery.

All I am is muscle and eyes and teeth and some abs. That’s it!

American Apparel crop top, Chinatown thong, Dries Van Noten belt and vintage briefs.

Peeled is when you look at me and you can see right through me. You can look at stuff on me and see the fibers in the muscle moving underneath my skin.

You have those who absolutely adore what I do and like who I am and like what I embody. Then you have the other side of the public, which can’t wrap their thoughts around it at all.

Dress by American Apparel, bra and panties by Victoria's Secret Pink.

I’m not putting a handcuff on your potential. The only person doing that is you. I just chose to unshackle mine.

Norma Kamali bathing suit with Cesare Paciotti shoes.

I know some very unique looking women, all across the spectrum, and when I say unique looking women I mean unique women period. Drag queens, transvestites, body builders, you name it, the whole gamut and they are quite elegant and just amazingly feminine without having to have not one breast amongst them.

2XU compression top, Y3 bathing suit and Z-CoiL shock-absorbing footwear.

2XU compression top, Y3 bathing suit and Z-CoiL shock-absorbing footwear.

In terms of superhuman, not so much. I’m just a more open version of human.

Ports 1961 top with American Apparel leggings and counterfeit Chanel underwear.

Vintage Steven Sprouse for Target miniskirt with vintage Narciso Rodriguez sports bra and Patricia von Musulin ring.

You’re gonna be a magnificent human being!

Under Armour turtleneck with American Apparel underwear, Mended Veil necklace, and Sock Man socks.

Vintage Narciso Rodriguez sports bra.

The world is set up to tell you what you can’t do, who you can’t be, and what you can’t look like. Your job on this planet is to tell them who you are, why you’re here, and what you’re capable of doing.

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