New Faces Looking for Work: Part 2

The shock and awe of being ripped out of study hall and thrust into go-sees and photoshoots. These girls are facing their new lives as models with youth, vigor, and a little cute convo ;)

Iana @ Supreme

Preston: What did you want to be before you started modeling?
Iana: I was studying to be a filmmaker. I was in a student film in Ukraine and was asked if I wanted to model.
Preston: And how is the modeling thing going?
Iana: It is ok. I like the travel.
Preston: I studied film before. I can’t imagine being on the other side of the camera.
Iana: I think it helps.
Preston: Sure. I gave up on being a film director when I realized I would have to move to L.A.
Iana: I like L.A.
Preston: Really?
Iana: I went for a short time on a job. It’s nice.
Preston: Ok. So you like Hollywood films?
Iana: I like documentaries. I want to make films about people. I can go anywhere in the world to do this.

Emily Ruhl @ Marilyn

Preston: Before leaving high school, what table did you sit at in the cafeteria?
Emily: (laughs) I wasn’t a loser.
Preston: So you are 15? Can you guess my age?
Emily: That wouldn’t be nice.
Preston: Bank of America or credit union?
Emily: Bank of America. I AM from Texas.
Preston: Democrat or Republican?
Emily: What do you think?
Preston: Ummm… Mitt Romney or Rick Perry?
Emily: (smirks) Rick Perry. (un-smirks)

Charlene @ Ford

Preston: Weirdest thing on a shoot?
Charlene: Ummm… lesbians?
Preston: You think lesbians are weird?
Charlene: No. I came to the set and there were girls kissing. And male models…
Preston: Oh, they asked you to kiss someone?
Charlene: (laughs) I AM ONLY 17!

Simone @ Ford

Preston: Crocks or Uggs?
Simone: I hate both. Boots.
Preston: How many girls are in your model apartment?
Simone: In my room? Four.
Preston: Like them?
Simone: No. (smiles)
Preston: Who is your favorite model?
Simone: Claudia Schiffer.
Preston: Really?
Simone: YES! and ummm… Kate.. Moss. Yes.

Anni @ Ford

Preston: How did you start modeling?
Anni: They found me in Spring.
Preston: What do you like about pop culture?
Anni: I am not really that fond of pop culture… like other girls do. Sorry.
Preston: If you weren’t modeling, what would you like to be when you grow up?
Anni: I have a fashion blog. I thought maybe being a stylist. Now, I see the fashion world. It has confused me.

Kremi @ Ford

Preston: After modeling, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Kremi: I do not know. I am too small to decide.

Varsha @ Wilhelmina

Preston: Thanks for coming…
Varsha: You are so skinny. You need to EAT!
Preston: (laughs) Look who is talking.
Varsha: I am not the one that is supposed to eat.
Preston: (smiles)
Varsha: (smiles)

Jlynn @ Wilhelmina

Preston: How did you start modeling?
Jlynn: I got scouted at a gas station.
Preston: How did your scout approach you when he found you at the gas station?
Jlynn: He said, Why the HELL are you workin’ at a gas station!?”
Preston: What do you say to that?
Jlynn: I said, “This is Mississippi! There ain’t any jobs around. There’s a Hooter’s across the street and they would NEVER hire me because… Look at me! I have no BOOBS!
Preston: If you weren’t modeling, what would you be doing?
Jlynn: Working at Hooters. KIDDING!!!

Serena @ Women Direct

Preston: Boyfriend?
Serena: NO.
Preston: Tattoos?
Serena: I want one.
Preston: What do you think about American Boys?
Serena: UH-HUH!!!
Preston: American boys with tattoos?
Serena: LOVE! (smiles)

Anna Z. @ Wilhelmina

Preston: You started modeling while already in university. What were you studying?
Anna: I wanted to be a civil engineer.
Preston: Are your parents ok with putting school off?
Anna: They are not really happy…
Preston: Why?
Anna: They are scared for me.

Johanna @ Ford

Preston: HI. Where are you from?
Johanna: I am from Finland.
Preston: I hear great things about Finland. I like the Nordic people. Black Metal bands. Great sausages. Great people.
Johanna: Yes!
Preston: My Finnish friend once told me that the Nazis found that Finnish people have cranial measurements closest to Cro-mags.
Johanna: …?
Preston: You have nice hair.
Johanna: Thank you!

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