What’s in My DLD Bag?

Simon Denny

As David Rowan said of the DLD Conference in Wired Magazine, “There aren’t many conferences in the world where you can run into The New York Times publisher at breakfast, have lunch with a Russian internet multimillionaire, hear the Icelandic president talk at dinner, and be bought a late-night drink by Facebook’s first president, Sean Parker.”

As a tribute to Henry Blodget’s (a regular DLD attendee) posts on Business Insider – “unboxing” the WEF Davos swag bag – an inventory is here attempted to give an insider peek at this very personal take-away from DLD.

The DLD 2015 “swag bag” or “goodie bag” contains a selection of merchandise, giveaways and publications, and is given to every participant or speaker attending the annual tech-focused Munich media conference. Such giveaways are conventional parts of conference culture, but DLD’s are always extra-packed with value-adding items.


Simon Denny reflects the changing media economy in complex documentary installations. In April, he will have a survey show of his recent practice at MoMA PS1 New York, and will represent New Zealand in their national pavilion at the Venice Biennale in May.

Image credit: Nick Ash
Research credit: Malte Roloff

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