DIS Magazine: Thinking About You For One Minute

Thinking About You For One Minute

Time isn't money, money is time! Pay artist David Horvitz $1 and he will think about you for one minute.

DIS Magazine: Crazy Skewers

Crazy Skewers

Valentina Sansone and Nicola Ricciardi interweave a half fictional, half biographical narrative of Patrick Tuttofuoco's exhibition

DIS Magazine: J.W. Anderson Boys!

J.W. Anderson Boys!

Are you a JW Anderson fan boy? Check out our new fan page for live updates, online merch and exclusive pics of dreamy dons in JW SS14 menswear collection!

DIS Magazine: Juani’s WWW.ORLD

Juani’s WWW.ORLD

Enter the world of Uruguayan YouTube pop star Juani VN in the exclusive premiere of his new reality TV series.

DIS Magazine: Quays | “Physisicks”

Quays | “Physisicks”

Premiering a brand new track from Quays.

DIS Magazine: Steciw and de Joode | Open for Business

Steciw and de Joode | Open for Business

Artist duo Kate Steciw and Rachel de Joode let us in on the collaborative process behind their 'performance of exhibition'

DIS Magazine: Hito Steyerl | Politics of Post-Representation

Hito Steyerl | Politics of Post-Representation

Facebook militias, Twitter bots, and digital mercenaries — Hito Steyerl reveals our digital citizenry.

DIS Magazine: Firmiana Simplex

Firmiana Simplex

Mix by Soda Plains. Art by Rupert Smyth.

DIS Magazine: World Premiere | Salbahe

World Premiere | Salbahe

Filipina princessas De Se and K Rizz come together to discuss 'Salbahe'

DIS Magazine: One Night In VesperTown

One Night In VesperTown

Mix by VesperTown. Art by Vince McKelvie.

DIS Magazine: Darling’s Room

Darling’s Room

Unreconstructed hermetic masculinity is so over...



A mix by ____HD that tours the drippy noises of anon Scandinavian producers to the squeaky bounce of Jersey Club, and the extreme ha of nu-Vogue music.

DIS Magazine: Two Weird Tricks

Two Weird Tricks

Body by Body asks, is there anything else to say about selfies?

DIS Magazine: Social Media Etiquette Guide

Social Media Etiquette Guide

Alison Bedell shares some tips and guidelines for pleasant interactions with people online.

DIS Magazine: Tragedy Survey: A Sentiment Analysis

Tragedy Survey: A Sentiment Analysis

Three TaskRabbits describe their responses to disturbing viral content for social media researcher Lucy Chinen.

DIS Magazine: Materials


Mix by She's Drunk. Art by LaTurbo Avedon.

DIS Magazine: Trip Report

Trip Report

Will Simpson shares findings from forums about drugs and games.

DIS Magazine: Small Works

Small Works

Matthew Simmons writes about the open heart of a user known as Beebee.

DIS Magazine: The Far Side of Privacy

The Far Side of Privacy

Brian Droitcour discusses the new privacy.

DIS Magazine: colocation, time displacement

colocation, time displacement

Yuri Pattison finds time travel in a Stockholm data centre.