DIS Magazine: Darling’s Room

Darling’s Room

Unreconstructed hermetic masculinity is so over...



A mix by ____HD that tours the drippy noises of anon Scandinavian producers to the squeaky bounce of Jersey Club, and the extreme ha of nu-Vogue music.

DIS Magazine: Two Weird Tricks

Two Weird Tricks

Body by Body asks, is there anything else to say about selfies?

DIS Magazine: Social Media Etiquette Guide

Social Media Etiquette Guide

Alison Bedell shares some tips and guidelines for pleasant interactions with people online.

DIS Magazine: Tragedy Survey: A Sentiment Analysis

Tragedy Survey: A Sentiment Analysis

Three TaskRabbits describe their responses to disturbing viral content for social media researcher Lucy Chinen.

DIS Magazine: Materials


Mix by She's Drunk. Art by LaTurbo Avedon.

DIS Magazine: Trip Report

Trip Report

Will Simpson shares findings from forums about drugs and games.

DIS Magazine: Small Works

Small Works

Matthew Simmons writes about the open heart of a user known as Beebee.

DIS Magazine: The Far Side of Privacy

The Far Side of Privacy

Brian Droitcour discusses the new privacy.

DIS Magazine: colocation, time displacement

colocation, time displacement

Yuri Pattison finds time travel in a Stockholm data centre.

DIS Magazine: Ryan Trecartin | Animation Companion

Ryan Trecartin | Animation Companion

Ryan Trecartin presents a two-dimensional side project where the set cues are propositional, not determinant.

DIS Magazine: DISown | The Perfect Fit

DISown | The Perfect Fit

An iconic DIS trend returns reinvented from the inside out.

DIS Magazine: Disability and Disabled Theater

Disability and Disabled Theater

Park McArthur, Lezlie Frye and Alice Sheppard—artists and dancers active in the field of disability studies—respond to Jerome Bel's Disabled Theater.

DIS Magazine: Planet Grcic

Planet Grcic

Imagining the Future with Tomorrow’s Design Classics

DIS Magazine: Layers


Mix by Goon Club Allstars. Art by Joe Hamilton.

DIS Magazine: Shop Gagosian

Shop Gagosian

Would the DISown issue be complete without advertising?

DIS Magazine: ART & COMMERCE: Ecology Beyond Spectatorship

ART & COMMERCE: Ecology Beyond Spectatorship

by Christopher Kulendran Thomas

DIS Magazine: I own everything

I own everything

A screenplay by Geir Haraldseth.



& theories about conspiracy theories, by Tokke Lykkeberg

DIS Magazine: What’s the Energy of Your Energy Drink?

What’s the Energy of Your Energy Drink?

Emily Segal takes us down the k-hole of energy drink psychology.