Still Cruising II

Kelly Graylien works hard and can hardly stop working. Nights, days, mornings, nooners. She simply cannot resist a call to action. On a yacht or on the rocks, Kelly is a born natural, navigating worlds of business leisure with aplomb. Stepping, strolling, in repose; walking, crawling, surrounded. Kelly Graylien is America's TOP MODEL. Uptown to downsized, Kelly is there......searching for a counterpart to her ambition.

"As every new dawn approaches, the stable is empty and the beast is still cruising."—Fashion's Night Out, Seoul

"If time is a great river of chance encounter, Kelly is a spawning salmon, tirelessly swimming upstream."—Fashion Leaders Summit

"The difference between genius and insanity can only be a measure of success in Kelly's world."—WWD

"Akin to the endowed mosquito, she is on the go and going everywhere fast."—American Retail Association

"Fall, winter, spring, resort—she is ubiquitous from Palm Desert to Taipei, and never on vacation."—United Swimwear Association

"Though birthright greased the wheels of the milk truck, Kelly never counts her eggs before they hatch."—Vogue Barbados

"The stranger is strange, the worker is callused, and the captive conspires; Kelly is focused."—UK Style Council

"She is the unknown unknown, grazing the field of uncertainty. Kelly flies like a halcyon in the eye of every storm. She is resolute."—Fashion World Weekly.

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