Brody Condon, Somewhere on the Floor

DIS presents two videos in conjunction with artist Brody Condon.

Brody Condon, Untitled (2010)
In coordination with Saks Fifth Avenue and the PS1 Greater New York Exhibition, Brody Condon was invited to contribute a project to be displayed in the Saks window on 50th St. Brody’s proposal was to film a performance inside Saks itself. To his surprise Saks was familiar with his work and agreed.

The piece, a modification of the Trisha Brown work Accumulation (1971), is a floor-based dance performance based on various seizure-like movements choreographed by Stephen Lichty, who is himself familiar with movement disorders.

Brody Condon and art historian Sarah Lookofsky try for Trisha Brown and end up in a conversation on the projection of self (and perhaps politics) in participatory performance.

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