Best Trends Forever

It's a Summer Trend "4 cast"! The cast of Ryan Trecartin's The Re'Search wears this summer's most memorable maybes.

No scrubs! Having just EX-foliated their boyfriends ('Pouf! Be gone!'), Sammi Jack and Jo pine for a frillier but less complicated age with pink synthetic loofahs. Carolina, not one to indulge in such exquisite agony, wears a natural loofah. Tutu by Capezio, plastic and lace skirt by Gerlan Jeans.

Barbara and Veneisy share more than their secrets with their conjoined Bless sweater. Barbara wears Levi's shorts from Urban Outfitters with Doc Martens. Veneisy wears BDG shorts and ballet flats by Bloch.

Danni wears signature red carpet look by Brian Lichtenberg, stilettos by JPG for Melissa, and her own personal DIS Zentai™ step-and-repeat frenemy.

Ultimate pillow fighting is for tuff 'n' buff girls, but with football pads, shin guards, knee brace, and eyeblack, there's literally no harm in getting a head start on tonight's sleepover

When listening to the stereo, laughing with your friends, and sitting at the beach with the ragtop down just isn't telling the world how incredible it is to be young, these message tees will send an added 'Just so you know...' Available exclusively at Joyce Leslie.

For Florida tweens, trending is crucial for friending.

The face, not the waist, is the age-appropriate place for someone's gaze. By wearing her expensive belt/buckle combo around her neck, Veneisy keeps public attention strictly at eye level. Disney's bad girl Barbara takes butterfly clips to the next level with her XXL Cornrows.

Unable to commit, Brandon experiments with mesh tattoo sleeves, board shorts by Old Navy, and baby sunglasses worn as choker.

Nothing says young love like matching labels. These two are soooo D(efinitely) I(n) S(ync)!

Brandon refuses to grow up and chooses to accessorize with baby clothes available at Target. Shirt by American Eagle and Shorts by Hollister.

A flawless tan and tiara are Veneisy's crown and glory. She wears a Forever 21 tank top and RVCA shorts.

Barbara updates her status with massage shoes by DIS.

Only boring snobs hate on flip flops. Veneisy rises above it all with stacked thong sandals by DIS.

Daniella has an early curfew every night this week, so she's packing all her evening sparkle into an afternoon antecedent with sequin boots by Uggs and Jacket by Twenty Cluny.

When you're spending 80% of your summer in the sun and in the water, cutout cutoffs are a nontroversial new style option.

Who needs a bag? Jo Rose's cutoffs got swag.

Carolina is just your typical dancepire.

Leotard, skirt and leg warmers by Capezio.

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