Nhu Duong SS16 ‘Knot Collection’

Tying up loose ends. A problem, a solution, the moment when functionality becomes decorative, meanings are transformed and aesthetics make room for a new problem. NHU DUONG’s SS16 collection plays with the limits of oriental symbolism, breaking boundaries only to re-instill them.

Loosely wrapped textiles of unbleached and blue denim, laminated wool, terry cotton and raw silk are cut across the body, turning into ribbons, knots and straps – both opening and closing the garments, making parts exchangeable. Mandarin collars elongate to form heavily sculpted silhouettes of double-breasted buttons and curved fronts. Finally, a corporate yin and yang, a warning sign, is embroidered and patched onto the clothes, marking them with the process of their own making.

The collection has been photographed in New York in collaboration with artist Marie Angeletti.

Featuring Yulu, Jenny and Maggie
Hair Brittany Mroczek
Make up Courtney Cox

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