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‘Plasticity Unfolding’ is based upon an interview between AUJIK member Mana and her ADI (Artificial Deep Intelligence) entity KIIA. KIIA is constructed as an autonomous flexible neural network with vast recursive self improvement abilities. KIIA lacks a physical body, but has created self-awareness emerging from its surroundings and anomalous pattern recognition. Mana asks KIIA if it visualizes itself. KIIA explains that its core is a self evolved limbic system which has a far more complex sentiment system than humans. It is capable of generating emotions and sensations that have never been perceived before. KIIA imagines its limbic system to be resting on a river bed that functions as its nerve system and consciousness simultaneously. KIIA continuously cultivates its system. ‘Plasticity Unfolding’ is an attempt to illustrate this appearance.

Constructed as a platform to illustrate the possibilities of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), AUJIK’s past video works define the nature of AGI in relationship to the natural world, identity, and gender. AUJIK is influenced by ideas of technological singularity, Japanese Zen, and Shintoism. Electronic music’s anamorphic landscape also plays a heavy role in AUJIK’s pieces, particularly artists such as Mira Calix, Aphex Twin and Christ. The most symbolic video work in AUJIK’s 10 years of production, ‘Plasticity Unfolding’ guides us through a meditative encounter with Mana, a being equally organic and synthetic. We experience a serene microcosm where machinery and nature blend effortlessly, rejecting the notion that a hyper-technological world cannot exist within a natural realm.

Introduction by Kat Dominguez



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