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It’s Thursday, and we know you’re too lazy to get to Chelsea. Now you can gallery hop from the comfort of your home with the DIS Gallery Guide. In each video tour, a personalized guide will show you the most exciting contemporary art exhibitions the New York gallery scene has to offer. So have a seat and let these nude, pregnant, vape-life, fratboy docents take the lead.

Digital Expressionism | Korakrit Arunanondchai, Greg Parma-Smith, Ben Wolf Noam at The Suzanne Geiss Company

From exhibit to exhibitionism, Alexandra Marzella strips down for a maXXXimum gallery experience. Watch as she winds in between pillars of digital expressionism featuring artists Korakrit Arunanondchai, Greg Parma-Smith and Ben Wolf Noam, stomping the line between viewer and art herself.

Joshua Citarella at Higher Pictures; Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream at Greene Naftali; Lonely Girl at Martos Gallery

Inhale, exhale—VapeCru duo Alex Gvojic and Aaron David Ross venture through smokescreens of art and contemplation as we follow them into three NYC galleries. Lose yourself in the immersive haze as they initiate you into the foggy den of vape-art tourism.

Ignorant Transparencies | Bjarne Melgaard at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise

Tag along with Matt and Matt as they journey deep into the chaotic chamber of Bjarne Melgaard’s solo exhibition Ignorant Transparencies. In between the court and the club, Matt Raviotta and Matthew Arkell rock basketball shorts as bodycon dresses while sauntering through Bjarne’s towering Pink Panther, hanging drapes, and fuccboi bricolage.

You are standing in an open field | Jon Rafman at Zach Feuer

Guided by the heightened intuition of a mother-to-be, interact with the romantic wreckage of Jon Rafman’s mixed media exhibit You are standing in an open field. Inside the womb of imagination you will discover a world where technology flirts with the cryptic depths of fetish and memory.

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