For the Garden Marathon at London's Serpentine Gallery, Avena Gallagher and Carissa Rodriguez opened the Flip file on contemporary picnicking via Pinoy pride. Manet-meets-Manila sur l'herbe, Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Luzon (ng Seurat, n'est-ce pas?), taking the guestwork out of domestic dressing and putting it outdoors with High Street, low-cost sportswear. "Hep, hep, hooray!" A post-colonial tribal YOUniform for UK display.

inflatable coolie hat, TRNSWRLD; Jacket, BERNARD WILLHELM; pants, stylist's own; head piece, MICH DULCE; clogs, DANIEL LEE

t-shirt, FEATHERS; denim vest, GERLAN JEANS; leather bracelet, TOPSHOP; boxer briefs, ASPIRATIONS LTD.; jeans, CARHARTT; shoes, YOHJI YAMAMOTO

straw and cotton hat by BLESS

jacket, ADIDAS; hat, NEW ERA; jeggings, 2SEKSI; shoes, NIKE

plastic poncho, ULINE; wool cape, THOM BROWNE; customized asymmetrical sweats, CHAMPION; sunglasses, GENERAL EYEWEAR; slippers from the WESTIN BONAVENTURE HOTEL, Los Angeles

denim jacket and earrings, ATLANTIC ANTIC; purse, PRET A MANGER; sandals, counterfeit LEE; pendant, LOCKETS brand throat drops; skirt (worn as dress), maid uniform purchased in Kuwait

dress by ANDRE WALKER; pearls, stylist's own family jewels

clear poncho, ULINE; bolero jacket, VPL; white top, ISSEY MIYAKE; hand jewelry, AMBERGRIS; ring, SIMONE DE BERNARD MAS

jacket, ADIDAS SLVR; tshirt, LEIF AND TOOYA; pants, ISSEY MIYAKE; shoes, ADIDAS; nailclipper necklace, TRNSWRLD

straw hat, RACHEL COMEY; jacket, LOUISE GRAY; bag, THOMAS WAKEFORD; jeggings, 2SEKSI

plaid shirt, RALPH LAUREN; Jesus necklace, WOODENJESUSPIECE.COM; khaki skort, TELFAR; cotton scrup top and denim scrub bottoms, DICKIES

By Avena Gallagher and Carissa Rodriguez
Photography Babak Radboy
Hair Akiko Kawasaki

Commissioned for the Garden Marathon
Serpentine Gallery, London, September 2011

Featuring CJ Cruz, RJ Fernandez, Pio Abad, Chantal Tee, Dara Bascara, Mark Wolfisz, Patrick Manicani, Leslie Espinosa, Leah Borromeo, Maria Taniguchi

Special thanks to Andre Walker, Janna Graham, Amal Khalaf, Nicholas Royal, and Leilah Weinraub

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