From the full-time muse, part-time pop star comes folkLaur, Lauren Devine’s first full-length album of super sexy, super infectious pop hits all about LOVE, but with a complicated sub-theme of aggression. Bump the album now, and expect to see a whole lot more of this boundary-blasting pop star…Forget Just a Little Ready, Lauren Devine is here to stay!


now on iTunes!
album image: Cody Critcheloe
mixing: Sam Mehran

1. The Cooldown: Edged Without You (produced by Nightfeelings, Ryan Trecartin)

2. Call Me Up (produced by Michael Beharie, Nightfeelings)

3. Matchbook (produced by Sam Mehran, Nightfeelings, Adaron)

4. Worth the Rush (produced by Ryan Trecartin, Nightfeelings)

5. Intimate Fiction feat. Akeem Smith (produced by Bruno Coviello)

6. Breathworks feat. Yen Tech (produced by Adaron, Nightfeelings, Yen Tech, Anthony Thornton)

7. That Sweat (produced by Michael Beharie, Nightfeelings)

8. Try Sexual (produced by burqa, Adaron, Nightfeelings)

9. Luv U Far feat. Tryst (produced by Adaron, Ryan Trecartin, Nightfeelings, guitar Michael Beharie)

*****Catch Miss Devine perfoming folkLuar July 25th with Yen Tech!*****

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