My Friend Zone Over You” Pop Punk – Mix by @George_Costanza – cover web art by Carlos SaezClaudia

DJ @George_Costanza presents

“My Friend Zone Over You” Pop Punk Mix


“There’s no place I’d rather be than hanging with my friends.” – Boys No Good
“There’s something about weeknights in the suburbs and there’s something about me and all my friends.” – The Wonder Years
“Hey dudes are ready to defend your mates in case they need you. These ones that never pretend and trust you until the end, these are my eternal friends.“ – Chunk No Captain Chunk
“Pick yourself up, there’s hope for today, you have your friends” – Fight Fair
“My friends have my back and we will stand our ground.” – City Lights
“I’d still pick my friends over you.” – New Found Glory

Blink 182 – “Man Overboard”
Forever the Sickest Kids – “I Guess You Can Say Things Are Getting Pretty Serious”
Major League – “I Don’t Like You Whatsoever”
All Time Low – “Weightless”
Transit – “You Can’t Miss It (It’s Everywhere)”
Boys No Good – “Bold City Tigers”
Brand New – “Jude Law and a Semester Abroad”
Hawthorne Heights – “Ohio is for Lovers”
Fight Fair – “San Diego”
New Found Glory – “My Friends Over You”
Chunk! No Captain Chunk! – “In Friends We Trust”
Brand New – “Seventy Times 7”
Real Friends – “Floorboards”
Good Charlotte – “The Anthem”
Set Your Goals – “The Fallen”
City Lights – “What It Takes”
Fall Out Boy – “Dead On Arrival”
Forever the Sickest Kids – “Too Young For This”
Fireworks – “Life Is Killing Me”
This Time Next Year – “Alex In Wonderland”
The Story So Far – “Quicksand”
Veara – “We Have a Body Count”
The Wonder Years – “Logan Fountain”
Simple Plan – “I’m Just a Kid”
Sum 41 – “In Too Deep”
Cash Cash – “Party In Your Bedroom”
I Call Fives – “Elevator Music”
City Lights – “Lawnmower”
Bowling For Soup – “Girl All The Bad Guys Want”
Man Overboard – “Dead End Dreams”
Taking Back Sunday – “Makedamnsure”

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