Muscle Week Gym Jams

Mix by Patent Leather Daddy

Supplement Facts

Serving size 1 mix (26:06) Servings per container 1

  1. Revolting Cocks Vmail Intro
  2. Elite Gymnastics – Here in Heaven
  3. Roman Are You Stoned?
  4. Janet Jackson – Got Till It’s Gone [Armand Van Helden Speedy Garagez Mix]
  5. Squirt in the Dark
  6. The Crystal Method – Comin’ Back
  7. Sex Is Total Bliss
  8. Britney Spears – Inside Out [Auido Redux]
  9. Totally Gross
  10. Sneaker Pimps – Tesko Suicide
  11. 2 Sticks in My Buns
  12. The-Dream – Fuck My Brains Out
  13. Valley Girls
  14. Klangstabil – Love Has Too Much Audience [Reizstrom Mix]
  15. Bullshit Propaganda Outro

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