Katie Comp

We have a newsflash for you: Everyone Shares a Katie

If I, is U, &is All&Personal Now .
I have a News Flash 4U .
Every1 Shares a Katie 
U’R not the only Sky 2touch that Star -
I Hope 4UR Sake - UR a Good Enough Visualizer
2Contain UR’Self - Long Enough - 2Pump out a Few more Giggles 
Be4 U C the Button that U R &Push IT .
I’m Really In2 everyday Katie - &Everyday Filters a Different View
I C That, Because I Tickle the SUM. 

No1 wants 2Loop a Preset
1, 2many &i’ll leave it in a Field
&Then I become a Mom &Tell my Kids about it, Via Post-Knowing .
&if U Cent this, Don’t throw UR Victim Points @ME
I Don’t Recognize Discounts 
Katie ,?, Dont U Bother .

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