DIS Magazine: Sore Eyes ✧ Xexexe Uncategorized

Sore Eyes ✧ Xexexe


DIS Magazine: Mobis | Yen Tech Uncategorized

Mobis | Yen Tech

Yen Tech x Ruiné x Sucuk und Bratwurst

DIS Magazine: Baepecestre | Pornstep Mix Uncategorized

Baepecestre | Pornstep Mix

Pornstep is the new Dubstep

DIS Magazine: MA Mix Up 2015 Uncategorized

MA Mix Up 2015

A mix of MA's favorite fall tracks

DIS Magazine: HBA Superego SS15: The Score Uncategorized

HBA Superego SS15: The Score

The soundtrack to Hood By Air's SS15 Paris presentaton, by Venus X and Fatima al Qadiri

DIS Magazine: JACQUELINE KIYOMI GORDON | “Listen With Headphones” Uncategorized

JACQUELINE KIYOMI GORDON | “Listen With Headphones”

Allow the music to take you away in this immersive sonic experience mixed by Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon

DIS Magazine: PLAZA FILE Uncategorized


A mix by ____HD that tours the drippy noises of anon Scandinavian producers to the squeaky bounce of Jersey Club, and the extreme ha of nu-Vogue music.

DIS Magazine: 10,000 Screaming Faggots Uncategorized

10,000 Screaming Faggots

Exclusive! The #FW14 Hood By Air ¡soundtrack! and backstage #beauty pics

DIS Magazine: Luar Zepol’s Polar Vortex Uncategorized

Luar Zepol’s Polar Vortex

Exclusive! Gatekeeper's frozen score for Luar Zepol #FW14, with photography by Christine Hahn

DIS Magazine: XTC Mix Uncategorized


Mix by J-cush

DIS Magazine: Shazam This Uncategorized

Shazam This

Mix by EDMily

DIS Magazine: Only Eye Uncategorized

Only Eye

Mix by Visionist

DIS Magazine: D.D.T. Uncategorized


Mix by The-Drum

DIS Magazine: Octagonecologyst (Sandra Bernhard Remix) Uncategorized

Octagonecologyst (Sandra Bernhard Remix)

Mix by Feminine Itch

DIS Magazine: Tri Angle Records Presents “Let Me Shine for You” Uncategorized

Tri Angle Records Presents “Let Me Shine for You”

A mixtape of Lindsay Lohan interpretations, featuring Babe Rainbow, oOoOO, Stalker, and more.

DIS Magazine: I Was Two in ’92 Uncategorized

I Was Two in ’92


DIS Magazine: Crack My Witch Up Uncategorized

Crack My Witch Up

Mix by SSION

DIS Uncategorized

Teengirl Fantasy’s “Mix 4 DIS Mag”

DIS Magazine: Mix 4 Dis Mag Uncategorized

Mix 4 Dis Mag

Mix by Teengirl Fantasy (Whatever)

DIS Uncategorized

DISCO | Sun In My Eyes Mix by indigochild