Meet Juani VN: a Uruguayan international YouTube pop-star sensation who’s part Sagittarius, part aspiring reality TV show personality. Brother to a famous sexologist and son of an award-winning payador (competitive singer), Juani is searching for the spotlight on his own strawberry-haired accord. DIS premiered his debut video before it went viral in 2012, and now we’re following up with the multi-lingual Eurostar with the first episode of his new reality series, Juani’s WWW.ORLD. Hop on your Segway™, and follow Juani, his best friends, and pet robot as they visit the corporate offices of an undisclosed carbonated soft drink in hopes of finding a sponsor for his newest music video. While the haters may try to keep him down, Juani isn’t one to take ‘NO’ for an answer—after all, this is his WWW.ORLD, not yours!




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