DIS Magazine: DISown | The Perfect Fit

DISown | The Perfect Fit

An iconic DIS trend returns reinvented from the inside out.

DIS Magazine: 10,000 Screaming Faggots

10,000 Screaming Faggots

Exclusive! The #FW14 Hood By Air ¡soundtrack! and backstage #beauty pics

DIS Magazine: Luar Zepol’s Polar Vortex

Luar Zepol’s Polar Vortex

Exclusive! Gatekeeper's frozen score for Luar Zepol #FW14, with photography by Christine Hahn

DIS Magazine: Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty

Pinkberry with Chanel, Burger King on Prada, new brand besties show off their loyalty.

DIS Magazine: Sour Apple

Sour Apple

Martine Rose X Haley Wollens X Brianna Capozzi

DIS Magazine: Get DIS T-Shirt

Get DIS T-Shirt

Introducing open sourced t-shirts by DIS. to.be/dis is a week-long collaboration between DIS Magazine, to.be, and you.

DIS Magazine: Best & Worst Spring 2014 RTW

Best & Worst Spring 2014 RTW

Be very afraid.

DIS Magazine: Madison Beer #NoFilter

Madison Beer #NoFilter

Teen star Madison Beer and her totally reblog-able life.

DIS Magazine: DIS Summer Trends 2013

DIS Summer Trends 2013

DIS Magazine: Selfie-Involved


MODEL FILES CeWebrity, Preston stars in, casts and produces a shoot about and for himself.

DIS Magazine: TELFAR Style: FW13

TELFAR Style: FW13

Style and share your own looks from TELFAR's Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

DIS Magazine: The Air I Wear

The Air I Wear

The eco-safe solution to global warming, surprisingly, is personal cooling, and on that front Kuchofuku (literally "air condition clothing") is sure to make fans of us all.

DIS Magazine: Diamonds in the Buff

in the Buff

At the end of a blazing summer, a group of of men are refusing to let their holiday die, bravely keeping the flame alive with a little ice.

DIS Magazine: Watermarked


A Kenzo Men’s F/W 2012 Collection Video by DIS

DIS Magazine: DIScredit


Giving credit where credit is don't.



Detach. Convert. And get #basic with TELFAR's latest ready-to-wear collection.

DIS Magazine: The Art School Issue

The Art School Issue

Featuring DIS's art school trend report and contributions from LuckyPDF, Brad Troemel, Martha Rosler, Sarah Lookofsky, Chris Kasper, Timur Si-Qin, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, W.A.G.E., and more!

DIS Magazine: Art School Trends

Art School Trends

DIS traveled to the campuses of Pratt, Parsons, and Cooper Union to bring you the latest curriculum—and lifestyle—update.

DIS Magazine: Durable. Dynamic. Domestex®.

Durable. Dynamic. Domestex®.

Heidi Leung's microfiber miracles are tough on dirt and gentle on surfaces—bodily or otherwise.

DIS Magazine: When a Bag Needs a Bag

When a Bag Needs a Bag

Not enough Bag for you? Helpful tips on maximizing your bag-width.