#TranceWAR voting has begun. Thirty-something tracks, both genre-defining and genre-defying. Help pick the winner NOW!

What is TranceWAR?
A competition to see which producer could make the biggest, baddest trance track in just a week.

How do you vote?
Simple: “Like” the track or tracks you think are best. And/or “favorite” them on SoundCloud.

Who are the producers?
All tracks will kept anonymous until the winner is announced, but you’ll hear tracks from:

  1. Adeptus (Party Effects)
  2. Aaron David Ross (Gatekeeper, ADR, HDBOYZ)
  3. Bobby Browser (Party Effects)
  4. Myles Cooper
  6. Nick Weiss (Teengirl Fantasy)
  7. Tarythyas (Party Effects, T.N.T. [true natural thugs])
  8. Teams
  9. DJ Tralala
  10. Yen Tech

…and many more.

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