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Could saturated lights of Eurythmy, combined with approximative poetry, question photography through a digital support such as video?

Aldihni, Adrien

Camberwell College of Arts
Virgins and saints turned into pop idols turned into sex machines.

America, Tanner

Cooper Union
Aaron Graham(Allison Tanner)+Shawn Smith(Rob Tanner) present the Tanner America blog with jpgs from the daily lives of the Tanner family.

Andrew, Scott

Carnegie Mellon University
These works are confrontational, visceral, and absurd sensory immersive experiences within invented environments and alternate time-space.

Anthony, Theo

Oberlin College
can't feel a thing with these condoms on my fingers

Arunanondchai, Korakrit

Columbia Univeristy MFA class of 2012
"2012-2555", takes the structure of a Thai Funeral. The video chronicles my life in my 2 homes, Thailand and America, over the past year.

Bacun, Nina

In the pre-study project Man-Machine Affairs, Nina Bačun and Anders Mellbratt question the world of existing and emerging technologies and…

Barry, Scarlett

Kingston University
Holding a vibration incense such as sage or myrrh walk clockwise around your space Repeat: The spirit within me I hereby cleanse this space.

batty, nicholas

victorian college of the arts
An anthropological exploration into the affect of the Nike Tn shoe.

Bianchi, Emilio

Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes Uruguay
Olympic games are coming in the middle of a global crisis. As a selfhelp book, this work focuses on the place where we stand for taking part

Blye, Kate

forget it

Boccioletti, Enrico

Accademia di Brera
One are many, accuracy is now inclusion ♨

Bourain, JoAnna

Wesleyan University
ur supposed to look at it and see the goldfish swimming across the tvs but i didnt do it right :-(

Boyer, Theodore

School of Visual Arts
Technology and architectural references are a catalyst for representing our world in the 21st century while hinting what the future will be.

Brannigan, Robbie

Bard College
Onward is a timeline of metaphorical representations of previous events in my life which I have left unexamined, which deal with alienation.

Branson, Emma

Tyler School of Art
its like when you're stone and you only want to watch tv through the mirror.

Brooks, Austin

Cal State Northridge, Graphics Art Department, Fine Art's Department
Their must be a middle ground between color and space that doesn't have meaning or existance, a new language must be created. New Meanings.

Bruce, Parker

New York University
Gay porn & other sounds mix download. Inspired by living in the era of mixes, being away from New York for a few months and @6TEEN6WITCH6.

Brumbelow, Aaron

Savannah College of Art and Design
When I look at my home on GSV I have an emotional response. Yet this is not GSV's purpose. I am providing an emotion to the analytical.

Bush, Ryan

Rhode Island School Of Design
Hey I just met you and this is crazy! ~` Art'scool@artschool

CHALAS, Charles

Gobelins, Paris
Do you need the virtual world to enjoy the real one ? If you distort enough digital representations, can you affect reality ?

Collective, 5th Floor

Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture
EPICALYPSE 2012 is a golden tribute to the most spiritually anticipated year of this century by the 5th Floor collective.
Animation, sculpture, paintings of pyramids, chairs, castles, cubes, cords, plants, radiolarians, cells, homes.

Cruz, Patrick

Emily Carr University of Art & Design
▒▐█▀▀▄ █▀▀ ▄▀▄ █▀▄ ▀▄░▄▀░░ ▒▐█▒▐█ █▀▀ █▀█ █░█…

Cuffie, Marcus

Cooper Union
work by Gerhard Richter, Johannes Kars, Vija Celmins, Rafa Bujnowski, Maria Serebriakova, Dirk Braeckman, Wilhelm Sasnal, Marlene…

Dedenis, Geoffroy

Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Valenciennes
An interpretation of Bambi's story, mother and son relationship, the child born in mother's blood, and the death of the mother.

DeLong, Matt

Maryland Institute College of Art
Using images from film to tell a story. Conversation is started between the works being used and the story being told “The Little Prince"

DeNatale, Keith

UC Davis
I've always loved underwear ads ever since I was a kid.

Devin, Coorain

School of Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts University
I love Rihanna, but this love makes me cringe. By critically engaging RiRi, am I praising her? Are my reservations about this icon founded?

Di Giovanni, Cécile

Villa Arson
I desecrate myths and mystify daily life. I try to create a mix between uncomfortable and funny feelings to finally reconcile people with…

Dicaprio, Patric

Lamar Dodd School of Art
My name is PATRIC DICAPRIO. I am the digital clone of Patrick Oldweiler. If Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain collapsed the boundaries of concept…
My childhood in Kew Gardens, fragmented memories of archaic urban mythologies told by old people living on Austin Street…

Enns, Clint

York University (Master's Program in Cinema and Media Studies))
Augmented reality is used to emotionally enhance conceptual artist Bas Jan Ader's 1971 seminal work "i'm too sad to tell you."

Erlanger, Olivia

Lewis and Clark College
Vulnerability. Gaze. Idolatry. Manufactured.

Ewing, Bailey

Appalachian State University
Dishes that are not edible and not appealing create unsettling tension when hyper-arranged in a commercial food photography setting. :p √

Ferguson, Duncan

The Cooper Union
scratching post

Filardo, Christian

Arizona State University
I use my work to help me discover my inner self, and communicate my desire to be understood; as an athlete, beauty queen, and prophet.
pure hut couture

Freak, Context

Royal Melbourne Institue of Technology
Cultural revolution yes please! Hi China. Re-vamped GG script inc. themes present in chinese literature. Get with the flow. Train yourself.

Friedman, Michael

San Francisco Art Institute
I don't think Republicans are all that bad.

Gerhard, David

Columbia College Chicago
as i sit on my comp and try 2 write thee tweesis i become weary, oh thee dis crit. comp judge. weary that you will have my baby

Gibson, Alexander

Cooper Union
A hot girl named Columbine takes pix of herself in action at work in her post studio practice artist run space #whitecube #kony2012

Glass, John

CUNY Queens college
Trance bomber.

Goodwin, Dennis

Bard College
In "Habitat 1" bot search logic mistranslates our culture back 2 us thru shopping: Can we google Human telos!? can consumption b nonhuman!?

Green, Andrew

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
My work postulates ideology within a spatial metaphor, evaluating space as a construct of globalized stasis and flux.

Grosser, Benjamin

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
An artificially intelligent machine that considers what it hears as it paints its own body of work.

Guillot, Wiley

Maryland Institute College of Art
In my drawings, tumorous shapes and bulges radiate out of limbs asymmetrically. My tumblr is an extension of my art / aesthetic.…

Hanes, David

OCAD University
Can pizza be art? I believe that it can and I'm into hosting Pizza Parties to prove it!. Each event includes over 40 artists and my pizza's!

Hanson, Harry

Wesleyan University
After a falling out with my muse I was forced to take on the dual role of artist/subject, which led to a conflation of our physical selves.

Hayward, Holly

Camberwell College, University of the Arts, London
Pop-influended shrine to Whitney Houston. Her hair rotating on a gold platform to the backdrop of a looping 'I Will Always Love You' #RIP

Heinemann, Lee

The Maryland Institute College of Art
I created a parallel universe in a public space with a team of friends, and this is what happened when we invited people to join us there.

henshall gray, Jude

sheffield hallam
An examination of the immateriality of the written word and stuf

henshall gray, Jude

sheffield hallam
An examination of the immateriality of the written word and stuff, an exercise in the banality of modern art.

Holland, Faith

School of Visual Arts
The internet is made of pussies.

Jacotey, Georges

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Fine Arts
you just wear that with snakeskin accessories and flip-flops and be ready to shine.

Jake, Yung

California Institute of the Arts
balancing criticality and dedication to a form; keeping things trill without losing what's necessary to get people thinking about 2012...yJ

Jasper, Ainsley Willow

Emily Carr University
Focusing on social aspects of contemporary culture, my work exists as a tongue-n-cheek investigation into that which is viewed as a…

Javiere, Laeticia

California College of the Arts
The concept of placelessness lies within the context of globalization and its effects upon culture resulting in homogenization. These ideas…

Jones, Porsche

SUNY ay Buffalo
A visual interpretation of Craigslist Missed Connection encounters in all their glory.

Keelan, Thomas

Sarah Lawrence College
We use standardized patterns for beauty, prescribed like game rules. Free choice and loss of self, expressed in the union of man and machine

Kessler, Bradford

School of Visual Arts
Naturalist Charles Darwin reenacts comedian George Carlin's infamous stand up "Saving the Planet" in the voice of bioexorcist Beetlejuice.

Khek, Brian

The School of The Art Institute of Chicago
I often index the virtual with the physical in an effort to highlight the heterogeneous, distributed space of our mass-augmented ecology.

Kinstler, austin

College For Creative Studies
i'm growing my hair out. small caps ftw. i miss you.
WWW: A Night of Connecting Virtual Pathways! Realize Collective Consciousness! Project your Personality! Explore your Sharing Potential!

Kocatepe, Erim

Emily Carr University of Art + Design
Inspired by the cyberpunk genre, I created a dreamy virtual experience around the pink clouds.

kral, alex

University at Buffalo
An installation, which exhibits the combination of apparel and art that glorifies overconsumption and obsessiveness in youth subcultures.

Lake, Markus

Concordia University
I wanna fill a room/container with ipods+earbuds, each one blasting one of the top 500 noise albums. R. Shafer Vs. P. Schaeffer. Dig?

Lenox, André + Evan

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
As Kierkegaard once wrote, a crowd “is an abstraction and has no hands: but each individual ordinarily has two hands."

Leonardy, Ross

Parsons The New School for Design
Wear Your Search is a person-specific, ongoing project in which search results–the ultimate arbiter of internet status–are used as…
~ Everyone wants to be fabulous as performance art ~

Little, Chris

Indiana Univeristy Southeast Graduated May 07 2012 University of Illinois at Chicago Fall 2012
Exploring the youtube "broadcast yourself" culture. The compression artifacts remind the viewer of the medium. Bye Bye.

Loaf, Nandi

Cooper Union
To be or not to be, that is the question: I love you Andy, make room Jeff Koons <3

Loddo, Killian

Gerrit Rietveld Academie
Minimise the ditch between subclutures, pop culture and elite culture. By maintaining characteristics of play, sensationalism and immediacy

Loeppky-Kolesnik, Jordan

Concordia University
A distant journey into the sands, the desert holds a chance at existence created in the heart of artifice.

Lucas, Shaun

School Of Visual Arts
I like to capture subtle expressions that seem to be over looked or sometimes even unattractive. For this body of work I aspire for an…

Madisson, Mikk

Estonian Academy of Arts
The only common understanding is misunderstanding.
The piece heavily relies on the viewer's perception of the work but as the artist I have created a sort of dynamic with images and text

Marcus, Ezra

Sarah Lawrence College

Martin, Lauren

Rhode Island School of Design
Bed, Bath and Beyonce: Objects for the Domestically Challenged, Update Your Drab LIfestyle with Something Exciting! and Unexpected!!~~~**

McClure, James

Best thought: no thought.

Mendes, Milos

Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam
Let's talk about seemingly passive behaviors of everyday life, predictability that generates a specific kind of boredom and disinterest. …

Meres, Felipe

Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (São Paulo)
Leave it to Google's machines to set the record straight by translating the "communication" between art stars. #speakergingrich
The feelings of ones true current moment in an age of invisible delights.

Middleton, Chase

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Inherent to my practice are the concerns of narcissism. I am fascinated by the idea of "perfect beauty" and the inevitability of decline.

Moon, Harvey

the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
The Drawing Machine is a artistic tool that I developed and programmed with custom software designed to make unique drawings every time.

Mora, Fred

Cindy is so gentle and so violent.

Mori , Ro$e

Bored College
3D is so sexXxy and so r we

Munoz, David

New York University
Artists can make money. This is part of a series on consumerism that relates consumerism with physical consumption.

Nash, Felix

University College Falmouth
everyone can experience every tsunami, & every tsunami is the same, even the ones that don't exist, and the ones that do.

Nef, Hari

Columbia University
L-GABA is a digital creature borne of the promise of social media. L-GABA is Elagabalus 2.0; L-GABA is Tila Tequila; L-GABA is howling.
My work is about the urge to return to nature, the place in your head which holds mystery, independence, and sacred truth.

Nguyen, Mel

Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Digital windows as another framing device, representations of and viewing reality open. A realm that celebrates anonymity and questions it.

Novosel, Josip

Academy fine arts vienna
Apollo 69 turned the light on 4 1h in a porncinema put two shiny blue bubblegums next to glory holes. min. gesture max. interpretation.

Pallasvuo, Jaakko

Finnish Academy Of Fine Arts
How To (2011-) is an ongoing series of instructional videos.

Paparella, Maxwell

Bard College
last night i dreamed of places i wish i'd bookmarked

patrick, mitch

brooklyn college
This art practice is guided by techniques of digital observation which form a critique surrounding the importance placed upon an art object…

Peel, Rebecca

Pacific Northwest College of Art
Your Victory is elusive; your ideal now attainable. Does the volume of expense avail the refined couture produced for esoteric brand vanity?

Perillo, Lee

New York University
Could I become a magician?

Petreycik, Kyle

Ringling College of Art and Design
I create open ended assemblages that investigate an attempt to contribute to society through working with what I already have

Pittock, Kenny

Victorian College of the Arts
I draw people on the train,I show them and I film the process.I know it makes me a weirdo, but you should see some of the people I've drawn.
i wanna kno ur thesis ;)

Puotinen, Erik

Maryland Institute College of Art
Abstracting three-dimensional spaces by photographing areas void of a subject. Focusing on the quality of light and the gradients inherent.

Raise, Allen

The love of organic foods,, DUH!

ramelot, shannon

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
This is an assemblage i created using cubes, water, highlighters, objects i bought from the dollar store, el wire and uv black lights…

Ransom, Tony

Maryland Institute College of Art
I am working toward curing humanity of its obsession with meaning.

Rembrandt Quiballo, Rembrandt Quiballo

Arizona State University
I use interdisciplinary means to critique contemporary mass media and its role in the conflation of visual history with visual fiction.

Reynolds, Zane

It's all about the sick dwell spot. Its to bad that I already have a residency there. :<0

Rogers, Tom

Liverpool John Moores (UK)
Documentary - After a year at University, Abe, a young band from Sheffield, return home attempting to make the most of their time together.

Ronnersjö, Max

Valand Academy of Fine Arts
Am doing this from a train with iphone connection, sorry for reposts

Roye, Indraniel

Rhode Island School of Design
I'm all about that readymade.

Rozanski, Gregor

Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee
living in socio-political and aesthetical mimicry; using dirty ideas in pure forms; enjoying conceptual borderline disorder;

Rubin / Kwon / Laprade, Anna/Dan/Tom

Rhode Island School of Design
Bench marketing of crossbreeding within the xxxchange of currencies, among colorful factions in and around the inst-tuitional ewtopia.

Salazar-Caro, Alfredo

School of The Art Institute of Chicago
[STREET_TEAM] was a guerrilla style curated exhibition/performance. 14 artists, 5 countries, 8 cities, 12+ major art institutions.

Schonebaum, Mike

School of The Art Institute of Chicago
I'm no longer an art student. I suppose I'm sending you a ham sandwich. I hope you like ham...

Self, Tschabalala

Bard College
My current body of work examines the cultural significance of popular imagery featuring women of color. The majority of my pieces are based…

sisk, Ashli

montclair state university
Reflections of a natural world dying off and barely existing only in human engineered space.

Smirnov, Ilya

Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien
Celebrity nose jobs, natasha henstridge, track of the 1995 nature television species, decides a influx abdominoplasty as the model friend ms

Smith, Alex Ian

Pacific Northwest College of Art
Material based formal work addressing the abstract relationship between artist, viewer, image, object and space in a 'Post-Internet' context

Solano, Manuel

Escuela Nacional de Pintura Escultura y Grabado La Esmeralda
strong, independent, pagan woman singing

Spicero, Jasper

Pacific NorthWest College of Art
Freshman year I drag/drop images of Mike Tyson. Then I met a boxer on the street b/c we had the same phone and fought him in dorm garage.

Stone, Nat

I almost dropped out of high school. Then my mom had me see this lady that would help me organize my doodles and pictures of abandoned…

Stoner, Ian

School of Visual Arts NYC

Tankersley, Jessica

Weitzenhoffer Family College of Fine Arts - University of Oklahoma
her mind's eye, is work made by the net, for the net. As you can see, the net is just a few algorithms away from getting rid of me entirely.

Teitell, Dan

Pratt Institute
We spend so much time trying not to be alone in this menagerie of a universe but mostly we just watch porn and put stuff in our butts really

Temkin, Daniel

International Center of Photography / Bard College
The web is our parking lots, our strip malls, our office parks. Communication here looks easy, but is not. Loneliness and isolation result.

Thebez, Alex

Taking the non-physical format of a website, Oncetoforever is a personal essay. It compiles and abstracts people and places from my life.

UNAL & DUNBAR, Deniz & Olivia

Piet Zwart Institute
If MTV puked on itself it would look something like ORALS TV.

van Geffen, Marieke

HKU fashion design: Utrecht, netherlands
The curiosity of the human body, born deformation or cultural beauty. Translate into a collection where the curiosity of the body will be…

Velasco, Alexandra

Parsons the New School for Design
Alexandra Velasco's dreamscape videos, performance and art work emerge from her constant search of another more fantastical su-rreality.…

Velasquez, Crix

Kansas City Art Institute
The digi-sphere is the newest platform for art to once again change our natural perception. Using found PNGs & Photoshop extractions that…

Wells, Lindsay

Alberta College of Art and Design
Unfolding a landscape for which does not even know its own existence; a hidden language, time and place, creating a world of its own.

Westly, Darryl

Cooper Union
ready made jpegs of carnations cut and pasted into a bouquet

Yoo, Sua

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
virtual helper powered website with portfolio and tutorials

Yusufov, Mikhail

Bard College
If art is free then is it art?

Zepeda, Jose

University of Arizona School of Art
Photos shot at the Casa Grande Outlet Center on the reflecting windows of empty store fronts and advertisements. Reflections of 2008 - now.