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Sarband-O Magne Pater
Gothic Voices-Machaut: Dame, De Qui Toute Ma Joie Vient
Sarband-Kyrie Eleyson
Anonymous 4-Nicholaus Pontifex
Sarband-O Plangens Vox
Capella Antiqua M√ľnchen-Nuper rosarum flores
Alleluia Pascha Nostrum-Organum duplum
The Tallis Scholars-Tallis: Spem In Alium

Title : Minnesang: A Tale of Bits and Atoms
Music compiled by : Holly Herndon
Text : Hannes Grassegger
Data : Holly Herndon
Man : Holly Herndon, Matthew Dryhurst,
Brian Rogers and Hannes Grassegger
Design : Jon Lucas
Music Editor : Finn Diesel