Technological Exaptation is a website which hosts a new photographic series by French artist, Maxime Guyon. The site aims to address the concurrent evolutions of commodity, industry and photography by revealing the aesthetic mores of new technologies. Through a synthesis of overwrought commercial lighting and a deracination of technological objects from their functionalist contexts, Guyon begins to reveal the sickly pallor of a world teeming with biomimetic yet alien forms. These strange organs and appendages call to mind the figure of the cyborg, extensions from and for the human, but also alert us to the interchangeability of the human prosthesis within an evolving landscape of industrial production. As one scrolls through a plane of overlapping images, unable to ever ascertain one without relation to the network of others, there are moments of emptiness that emerge. These “empty contents”, unfilled spaces in the websites layout, link to texts: five essays that address concerns surrounding the images.

Photographs by Maxime Guyon.
Essays by Domenico de Chirico, Maxime Guyon, Kyle Laidig, Paul Paper and Joël Vacheron.
Web design by Olivier Raimbaud.