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DIS Magazine: Remember to Calibrate Your Screen Before You Die

Remember to Calibrate Your Screen Before You Die

Dora Budor goes prosumer.

DIS Magazine: New Mermaid Options in a Post-Seapunk Troposphere

New Mermaid Options in a Post-Seapunk Troposphere

DIS Magazine: Topless Sandals

Topless Sandals

DIS Magazine: A Truly #Edgy Spring Trend

A Truly #Edgy Spring Trend

DIS Magazine: Fit for Society

Fit for Society

These ladies who crunch are poised at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and East Sporty-Ninth Street.

DIS Magazine: Meet Me at Bebe, BB

Meet Me at Bebe, BB

Every mall has them; meet the celebrity mallrats of LA's famous gallerias.

DIS Magazine: Wowowee


These Pinoys have a penchant for picnic positions in this Manet-meets-Manila-meets-major artworld event intervention.

DIS Magazine: .jpeggings


What to Wear for the content-aware

DIS Magazine: New York Comic-Con 2011

New York Comic-Con 2011

DIS Magazine: Motherhood Incorporated

Motherhood Incorporated

This season Maison Martin Margiela is keeping the world abreast of the latest trends in multitasking maternitywear.

DIS Magazine: Performance Art

Performance Art

High performance compression gear and body shapers protect and sculpt the figure to maximum perfection.

DIS Magazine: The “Bra” in “Bravery”

The “Bra” in “Bravery”

Brace yourself for our support group of bra-baiting new layer comps.


Global .Wav | Sexy Flexxy’s Kenyan Cruise

DIS Magazine: FootUndeez


Orthopedic intimates are this season's unseen imperative.


Do-Over Devine

DIS Magazine: DIS/dump


A collaboration between DIS Magazine and where you can share New Style Options in real time

DIS Magazine: Highly Effective People

Highly Effective People

DIS presents emerging office subcultures.


Futa Girls


Into the Hoop

DIS Magazine: Fashion Passion

Fashion Passion