Chris Kasper

Ray Kelly is running for Mayor of NYC ? I will do everything I can to show as much material as I can of NYPD cracking skulls open and bloody of unarmed peaceful civilians, NYPD dropping unarmed peaceful civilians to the ground with punches in the face, NYPD running over unarmed peaceful civilians with vehicles, NYPD relentlessly beating unarmed peaceful civilians with batons, and NYPD viciously attacking penned-in peaceful unarmed civilians with pepper spray. NYC already is a police state, under the control of a para military. Let's prevent it from becomming Tehran.

Like · · 20 October at 10:39

Chris Kasper

What a disgusting, lying piece of shit. Let's not let this one slide :

Pepper Spray Cop Anthony Bologna Feels ‘Tortured’ by Incident, Sources Say

Murray Weiss, DNAinfo Columnist The police commander whose blast of pepper spray galvanized the Occupy Wall Street movement says he has been "tortured" since the incident — but still believes he used the proper amount of force and "would do things … Continue reading

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Chris Kasper

So I'm reading today the Mayor is vowing "a harder line" against OWS and affiliated protests. Is this just an attempt at intimidation, or does it mean more vicious and unprovoked violence and more arrests for bogus charges? I guess we'll see.

Like · · 21 October at 18:14

Chris Kasper

NYC and nearby communities -Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation, 2:00 pm at Union Square today.

Like · · 22 October at 10:32

Chris Kasper

Union Square is surrounded with barricades and NYPD waggons. Free speech under assault # OWS.

Like · · 22 October at 14:04 via Mobile

Chris Kasper

I think the drumming is as much of a threat to OWS as NYPD is. After a day of marching, we could not make it through the whole GA tonight (after 9:00pm) due to drumming noise. I say this as a lower Manhattanite who views home as an oasis in this town, as someone, like most NYers, values the rare quiet moments. I am sure the drums -like jackhammers, are unbearable to the residents down there. I know what kind of hatred must be brewing in them toward OWS, and I'm sure they are not rationalizing between the responsible people in the top of the park and the drummers below.  I say this as someone who values the drums on marches, and even in the park for a couple of hours in the day. I say this as a veteran of too many drum circles to count during 7 years in the late 80s through mid 90s at Dead shows. I say this as someone who wrote a highschool paper on Mickey Hart's "Drumming at the Edge of Magic", and asserted as I read out loud, that "drumming can save the world".   I really think the drumming presents as much of a threat to OWS as NYPD. I've heard the Lower Manhattan Community Board is turning on us. I don't think it's a minor problem.  Wall St Occupenial, maybe we can build a large soundproof room for them. (art project)

Like · · 22 October at 21:24

Chris Kasper

Watching NBC Sunday morning news programming, we just saw the vulgar attack ad on OWS, with staged scenario of anti-semites being abusive to an old Jewish man, at the edge of Zuccotti Park. While anyone with any sense of criticality can see right through it, it is being aired to an American audience... It is I'm sure this will freak out the elderly. It has the stench of Andrew Brietbart and james O'keefe. I think this ad should be screened at Zuccotti Park, so everyone knows what kind of attacks are coming. Unity is as important now as day one. The money behind this ad makes me wonder if the drummers in the park are taking money from right wing think tanks.

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Chris Kasper

Arrived to OWS tonight with no drums. The drummers, "pulse" presented a proposal to GA to drum from 12 until 2 and 4 until 6. A consensus was reached to approve it. It is a smaller GA and I have the sense facilitators have been worn down, as many familiar faces were not here. We'll see... I'm not so optimistic.

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Chris Kasper

Solidarity with the brave people of Oakland. May the brutal cowardice of the police and mayor strengthen your numbers and fortify your resolve. Stand strong Oakland!

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Chris Kasper

The police are outnumbered in every city. Hordes of cowards, spineless armed bullies, taking cover under helmets, with batons, mace and guns. The entire world is watching you faceless pigs. There is no honor, no restoration of the peace in a mass assault of unarmed, non-violent civilians. I have no words to say how I hate the police. Please Oakland, do not stand down. Bay area / NoCal friends, please turn out to support. Make a stand.

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Chris Kasper

‎"Police state" is not hyperbole. When tear gas canisters land on you, throw them back.  thanks Carly

OCCUPY OAKLAND: Police launch tear gas, flash-bang canisters into crowd of protesters

Jana Katsuyama and John Sasaki report

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Chris Kasper

Official OWS response to Oakland Police Brutality, with petition, and Mayor Quan's contact info.   #ows Response To Government Violence At #occupyoakland |

#ows Response To Government Violence At #occupyoakland |

News and resources for protesters attending the mass demonstration on Wall Street against financial greed and corruption</title>        

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Chris Kasper

OWS march tonight at 9:00 for Solidarity with the people of Oakland. Please come and make a stand against police violence.

Like · · 26 October at 17:58

Chris Kasper

Sorry if this is redundant, but fuck the police.

Like · · 26 October at 22:19

Chris Kasper

I saw so many cowardly pigs tonight, but the best were the riot police behind the fence at City Hall as we passed by, peacefully. I'm so sorry I didn't have my camera out, but the was this one pig in a helmet, literally licking his lips and smacking his hand with his baton. He was drooling. Where the hell do they get these fucking guys, out of the multiple rapist/murder wards? Wake up to the police state America. They are sicking these pigs on us all around the country and world for assembly and speech.  I'm worried they got a couple of our friends tonight.

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Chris Kasper

On a positive note, I met and thanked Sgt. Shamar Thomas tonight. He's the marine who lectured 30 NYPD pigs about honor, and they backed off.

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Chris Kasper

heard from one friend he's OK. Footage from him of bloodied, peaceful protestors coming soon.  Wake up to the police state.

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Chris Kasper

These last few weeks have really been fantastic in NYC. People are outside, discussing democracy, neoliberalism, war and peace,and equality. People are talking about revolution,without irony, and raising their fists. I'm making new friends almost daily, and the friendships I do have are getting tighter. People are in the streets together, not promoting themselves or their career, but looking for solutions, shouting at cops, and being very polite with each other. New York is alive, and it's all very exciting. The city looks different marching through it a couple times a week for the last month and a half. I'm more aware of the sun,moon and stars like I never have been in the city.

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Chris Kasper

This stirs my heart. An excellent account of what last night's march in Solidarity with Oakland against police brutality was like. Scroll to the bottom and read scrolling up for chronology of events. Amazing at end with NYFD confronting NYPD:!/RDevro  Ryan Devereaux (@RDevro) on Twitter

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Chris Kasper

We will not be afraid, we will not be silenced, we will not stand quietly while police brutalize peaceful occupiers. We fight for true democracy, and we fight to end the tyranny of the 1%. This is only the beginning. We are all Scott Olsen.

Like · · 27 October at 16:05

Chris Kasper

Wake up. It's not just Oakland. It's not just Atlanta, Chicago, or New York. Wake up.

Like · · 27 October at 20:28

Chris Kasper

NYPD "Sergeants Benevolent Association" are lying fucking swine. Arrogant bastards who assault, rape and murder with no consequence. The world is watching you pigs.

NYPD Sergeants Union Blasts Protesters In Oakland For Violence

NEW YORK -- A union representing 5,000 New York City Police Department sergeants blasted Occupy Wall Street protesters on Thursday and threatened to sue them should they injure police. "New York's police officers are working around the clock as the already overburdened economy in New York is being d...

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Chris Kasper via Hall Powell

these men are cowards. beasts. wake people, wake up.

Footage of Scott Olsen being shot by Police at Occupy Oakland

This footage is proof that Scott Olsen was shot in the face by police without provocation during the Occupy Oakland march on Tuesday October 25. The moment leading up to the shooting, Olsen was standing completely still. He was then hit in the head...

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Chris Kasper

Isn't it revolting the way this country fetishizes our military (support the troops) when it wants to bomb someone for oil and Haliburton contracts? And these kids come home and really want to stand for something, including the 1st Amendment, and the police give them life-threatening injuries. Scott Olsen, unarmed and standing still, was shot in the head with a tear gas canister at point blank range in Oakland. His skull was fractured and he is intensive care, he's just been moved from"critical condition" to "fair". The pig who shot him should be in jail for along time with NYPD's Anthony Bologna. Howard Jordan, Oakland Interim Chief of Police and Mayor Quan should resign.

Like · · 28 October at 00:14

Chris Kasper

Good night all. I wrote Mayor Quan, Bloomberg and the President condemning the police assaults and demanded they do the same,as well as put an end to it. I don't see how a constant barrage of letters and phone calls could hurt.

Like · · 28 October at 00:35

Chris Kasper

I've been hearing in a good amount of OWS circles, vocal defense of the police, "they are human too", "they are just following orders", "they have families", "they are also the %99". Non-violence is a choice. It is the right choice, and the choice we've made and committed to from the first day. I believe it is the choice we will continue to make. If any of the supportive statements about the police are true, they will have to break ranks and choose non-violence. I refuse to accept the humanity of anyone who strikes me, or any of my sisters and brothers, or pepper-sprays them, punches or kicks them, slams them into the pavement, car bumpers, or shoots them in the face with tear-gas canisters. Don't tell me about their family,their humanity or their orders. Violence is a choice. I've got a non-violent global movement to back me up on that. Police who are not pigs need to break ranks. Violence is the choice of cowards.

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Chris Kasper

Come to Angela Davis, Occupy Washington Square Park GA Sunday at 5pm!

Like · · 28 October at 12:11

Chris Kasper

I think the elusive "good cop" either quits, or has her/himself fired for refusing orders to attack non-violent, unarmed protestors. The entire nation is under attack by its police forces.

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Chris Kasper

Destroy the policeman that lives in your head.

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Chris Kasper

It's going to be a pain in the ass, but we are in the process of moving our finances out of Chase and Wells Fargo into The Actor's Credit Union. It's a benefit we get from the unions Erica is a member of. The banks will feel it if enough people make a similar move, and by comparison, credit unions are small buisnesse.

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Chris Kasper

On a surprise snow day in NYC, no one was prepared and the sidewalks everywhere are a mess. Everywhere except for Zuccotti Park. At Zuccotti Park, people are soaking wet and shivering in the cold. They are also sweeping the snow off of the surrounding sidewalks. The revolutionary gesture of pushing shop brooms.  Please bring dry socks, blankets, pants, shirts, scarves, etc... also boxes of coffee and soup will be warmly received by these hearty and brave patriots. They are trembling and in urgent need.

Like · · 29 October at 17:16

Chris Kasper

Cowards. Wake up to the police state.

Occupy Denver: Biggest riot squad presence to date, rubbet bullets, multiple arrests (PHOTOS)

There are few scarier sights than that of 100 police officers putting on gas masks. That view, along with the...        

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Chris Kasper

Football Sunday. One of America's most cherished rights is under organized, vicious assault in Denver, Oakland, Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, L.A. and is getting stronger, but let's watch millionaires on steroids chase a dead pig around, because it is un-American to defend the 1st Amendment on football Sunday. Like · · 30 October at 12:19

Chris Kasper

Angela Davis

Like · · 30 October at 20:13

Chris Kasper

I'm looking forward to the General Strike in Oakland.

Like · · 30 October at 22:59

Chris Kasper

Feel very good about the OWS Art and Labor meeting tonight. Lots of positive ideas.

Like · · 01 November at 23:50

Chris Kasper

Resistance does not mean passively submitting to the violence of capital’s attack dogs or acquiescing to arrest. As the communards have shown, resistance means struggle on all fronts.

The Oakland Commune

A band of 0%ers within #OccupyOakland’s 99% allowed the encampment to distinguish itself nationally by declaring a commune. The import of this banner must not be underestimated. It signifies the passage from protest to resistance. Obviously, “The Oakland Commune” refers to the Paris Commune of 18...

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Chris Kasper

So I have reports of 5,000 in the streets in Oakland. The port is shut down and Angela Davis is addressing the crowd. Oakland/Bay area friends, we're anxious to learn more and see images back east. Please send when you can. Long live the Oakland Commune!

Like · · 02 November at 16:18

Chris Kasper

With reports of NYPD sending people, just released from Rikers to Zuccotti, and telling drunks and homeless people in need of psychiatric care to "take it to Zuccotti", I'm saddened by this news, but not shocked. I hope there is enough evidence for the OWS legal team to put some of the responsibilty for this heinous act on NYPD.

Kitchen Volunteer's Sex Assault Arrest Shocks Zuccotti Park

The Occupy Wall Street encampment in Zuccotti Park has had to deal with its share of undesirable behavior, from uncooperative drummers to a drug-related arrest, but Wednesday saw the most serious criminal allegations yet, as a volunteer in the encampment's kitchen has been arrested for sexual assaul...

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Chris Kasper

I think OWS needs more sites in NYC. I know there has been motion towards Washington Square and Central Park, but I like the private/public plazas. It's more complicated for NYPD, and there are other squares in the Wall Street district. Outside of the Wall St. district, how about Lincoln Center, which is public/private and is funded by the KOCH BROTHERS ?

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Chris Kasper

I just called 311 to follow up on an unanswered complaint I made to the Mayor regarding Anthony Bologna's slap on the wrist for his vicious attack on the penned-in women with pepper spray on September 24th. I had to re-submit the complaint as it expired. I asked the woman if this was going to attract police harassment. She said, "I hope not, but I can't guarantee it." Police state in the age of occupation.

Like · · 03 November at 20:19


"Occupy Wall Street to Mayor Bloomberg: Get Your Facts Straight; Stop the Fear Mongering
Posted Nov. 4, 2011, 12:42 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

Yesterday New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg alleged that Occupy Wall Street participants at Liberty Square (Zuccotti Park) are chasing criminals out of the park instead of reporting them to police. In reality, Occupy Wall Street has its own well-trained internal security force, but this team does not substitute for the police when it comes to criminal activity that threatens our community or local residents. Occupy Wall Street participants have called upon police on occasions when people with predatory intentions have come into the park and engaged in illegal and destructive behavior, and have in fact turned over criminals to the NYPD.

“Bloomberg lied yesterday when he claimed that a sexual assault suspect was merely kicked out of the park, when in fact 
OWS security personnel forcibly removed the individual and handed him directly to the NYPD,” said Andrew Smith, a member of OWS’s overnight Community Watch. “The Mayor should get his facts straight before he calls responsible citizens protecting our community ‘despicable.’”

The occupation at Liberty Square is a civic space, where concerned citizens are raising pressing issues facing our nation. The mayor should be lauding this renaissance of civic participation, but instead he has been consistently demonizing participants.

“Occupy Wall Street exists in a public space in a major metropolis, and of course there are problems that come with that, but we have systems and our own common sense to deal with those problems,” said Bill Dobbs, a volunteer with Occupy Wall Street. “Mayor Bloomberg is pandering to fear. What we’re seeing is a lot of effort to undermine and suppress the movement and divert from the damage the mayor and his billionaire friends are doing to the country.”

Interviews available by request with members of Occupy Wall Street’s Security Team, Community Watch, Mediation Team, and other volunteers working to ensure the safety and security of everyone who comes to Liberty Square."

Like ·    · 04 November at 08:05

Chris Kasper

Mic check !

Gov. Scott Walker gets checked, Mic Checked!

When Wisonsin Governor gave a speech at Chicago's Union League Club the morning of Nov 3rd, he has some unexpected guests: Stand Up! Chicago

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Chris Kasper

I thought V For Vandetta was a pretty fun Hollywood film, but I'm confused about what the value is of wearing Guy Fawkes masks at ows.

Like ·    · 05 November at 14:08 via Mobile

Daily Kos: At least 2 of the "Black dressed masked protesters" were COPS

I can't believe this video isn't front and center in any discussion of agents provocateurs provocateurs in Oakland, better known as the Black Bloc. For those of you without video capability, this shows two men who were dressed in black, participating in the protest, and then (presumably the next da...

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Chris Kasper

police, police, police

Chris Kasper

occupy all the bullshit

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Chris Kasper

friends in the Zuccotti community, even part-timers, please consider attending this tonight at 8. I am going to try to make it:

Safer Spaces Support Team Training

‎07 November at 20:00

Chris Kasper

Occupiers, and anyone interested in the Occupy movement, this is an excellent, excellent piece about structure and organization. It is long. Loooong, but well worth listening too (you don't have to watch it) from beginning to end. It gets into facilitation, the GA and Spokes Councils, block vs. "stand asides", checking one's privilege. etc...If you are in, or considering entering a working group please give this a thorough listen and think about it:

Lisa Fithian interviewed by Daniel - raw footage interview

Lisa Fithian interviewed by Daniel - raw footage interview only - Sunday October 30, 2011.

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Chris Kasper

"Occupy The Highway: The 99% March to Washington
Posted 3 hours ago on Nov. 7, 2011, 5:30 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

On November 3rd, the Congressional Deficit Reduction Super-Committee will meet to decide on whether or not to keep Obama's extension to the Bush tax-cuts - which only benefit the richest 1% of Americans in any kind of significant way. Luckily, a group of 
OWS'ers are embarking on a two-week march from Liberty Plaza to the Whitehouse to let the committee know what the 99% think about these cuts. Join the march to make sure these tax cuts for the richest 1% of Americans are allowed to die!"

Top of Form

Like ·    · 07 November at 21:29

Chris Kasper

Chris Hedges...goddamn man

Chris Hedges: Finding Freedom in Handcuffs - Chris Hedges' Columns - Truthdig

The wealthy and the powerful behind the glass at Goldman Sachs laughed and snapped pictures of us as if we were creatures in a cage, which in fact we soon were. - 2011/11/07

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Chris Kasper


Scott Campbell Films Police Shooting At Occupy Oakland: Video Sparks National Outrage (VIDEO)

A police attack against Oakland man Scott Campbell has drawn national attention and outrage after Campbell released a video of the incident on YouTube. Early Thursday morning after Occupy Oakland's general strike, Campbell filmed police officers as they surrounded the remaining protesters.

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Chris Kasper


Support Locked Out Teamsters at Sotheby's Nov.9th

‎09 November at 18:00, Sotheby's Auction House

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Chris Kasper

‎In a speech at #OCCUPYWALLSTREET, the philosopher Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak urged the movement to not let mere "survival count as enough of a victory." Her point was simple and profound: we do not win by hanging on. We win by continuing to innovate and escalate our myriad attacks until the beast of consumer-capitalism falls to its knees."

Like ·   · 09 November at 18:25

Chris Kasper

Coward pigs. Wake up to the police state.

Occupy Cal 11/9/11

Berkeley police beating Cal students before retreating;)

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Chris Kasper shared a link.

Reawakening The Radical Imagination: The Origins Of Occupy Wall Street

Three months ago, a loosely organized group of activists concerned about growing income inequality, corporate greed and the global influence of powerful financial institutions decided to make Lower Manhattan its home, setting in motion a movement known as Occupy Wall Street.

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Chris Kasper

Occupy Miami Basel

Like ·    · 11 November at 10:05

Chris Kasper

Arts & Labor is a working group founded in conjunction with the New York General Assembly for #occupywallstreet. We are artists and interns, writers and educators, art handlers and designers, administrators, curators, assistants, and students. We are all art workers and members of the 99%.

Arts & Labor is dedicated to exposing and rectifying economic inequalities and exploitative working conditions in our fields through direct action and educational initiatives. By forging coalitions, fighting for fair labor practices, and reimagining the structures and institutions that frame our work, Arts & Labor aims to achieve parity for every member of the 99%.

Arts & Labor | Arts & Culture

Group Description: Arts & Labor is a working group founded in conjunction with the New York General Assembly for #occupywallstreet. We are artists and interns, writers and educators, art handlers and designers, administrators, curators, assistants, and students. We are all art workers and members of...

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Chris Kasper via Damien Crisp

Cowards. Police state cowards.

Occupy Denver 11/12/2011 Police Clash

Crystal clear video from the front line of protestors as police released excessive fire extinguishing chemicals, destroyed the community kitchen and tents, a...

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Chris Kasper
OWS, this is a blow. An expected one, and perhaps overdue. We've
already been mutating into smarter and stronger organization. Let's
continue. Never give up. Upward and onward. Solidarity!· 10 minutes

Chris Kasper
Rally at 6th Ave and Canal today, 9AM· about an hour ago

Chris Kasper
Bloomberg's press conference is a canard. · about an hour ago

Chris Kasper
Fuck you Bloomberg. You vicious little man, you spineless fucking
turd. ·  about an hour ago

Chris Kasper
Michael Bloomberg will be giving a press conference at 8:00 am east
coast that's in just a few minutes.· 2 hours ago

Chris Kasper
I was dreaming the sound of choppers and loud speakers all night. I
see now. I feel bad, on one hand, for not getting my body down there,
but on the other, it doesn't look like it would have done much. So, in
addition to violence on peaceful, unarmed civilians, Bloomberg and
NYPD likes to destroy books too. Bloomberg is as vicious as he is
little, as dumb as he is wealthy. His September 16th prediction of
"riots in the streets" (the day before OWS) looks more and more like
wishful thinking. We are not going anywhere. · 2 hours ago

Chris Kasper

About the police. The fear I felt around them when they were thick at Zuccotti early this evening didn't come from them. They were wearing their helmets and swinging their sticks. Collectively they are like a machine, comprised of cyborgs or some other fantasy human/mechanism hybrid. But if you look beyond the plastic face sheild, and into their eyes, you see the jock, the bully, and bigot you went to highschool with. You see the coward. The fear I felt tonight was not towards them. The fear was from my own understanding, my realization, on a visceral level, why someone might decide it is a good idea to strike back. The recognition of my own irrational impulse, I left when I did because I am committed to non-violence both as an idea and as a tactical position. Something turns sick in my gut around police, bullies, rapists and pedophiles. It comes from something primal and dark, something that can't lead me anywhere positive. I do find police among the worst of the worst, some of the lowest humanity has to offer. I have no words to say how I hate them. There are not ugly enough words.

Like ·  · 8 hours ago via mobile ·

Chris Kasper

Zuccotti, 11-16-11, app. 1:00 am. Fuck you mike. It's not over.