Chris Kasper

Don't beleive the media black out . Big things in NYC. Occupy Wall Street !

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Chris Kasper

Liberty Plaza is presently surrounded by approx. 200 police, with rolls of orange netting for scooping people up. Their nightsticks are out and they're getting ready to move in.

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Chris Kasper

I have no words to tell you how I hate the police.

Chris Kasper

Local ABC finally, finally reporting on Occupy Wall Street, today's march, the police beatdowns and pepper spray, the NYPD refusal to release the names and charges on those arrested....finally. Thank you !

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Chris Kasper

These are friends of mine- Julie in the Foreground, Damien in the back. Both were peppersprayed by NYPD for speaking up, nonviolently.

#occupywallstreet (photo album 1)

Julie being treated for pepperspray.

by: Damien Crisp

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Chris Kasper

does anyone NOT know what happened with NYPD yesterday? It was horrifying, but worse is the silence of NYPD, the Mayor's office and the national media.

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Chris Kasper

My wife and I were having a very inspired, emotional conversation about the march and NYPD violence, and the occupation at Zuccotti Park (Liberty Plaza) on the last car of the 4 train coming down past Harlem. The man next to us started asking questions and was in shock. The man across from us entered the conversation, and another came from across the car, sat with us and joined in. It suddenly became an impassioned, inspired conversation about democracy, economic slavery, empire and the police state. When we got out at Brooklyn Bridge, all three were saying they would check out the videos of the young women being bound, maced, and screaming at the hands of the NYPD, and that they would check out Occupy Wall Street. Anyone who rides the train in NYC knows how rare a single one-on-one polite conversation can be, much less a heartfelt conversation about what in the hell has gone wrong with the world with a group. Yesterday’s horrors lead to something extraordinarily rare and beautiful in a space that is all too often uncomfortable and an inconvenience. Stand strong NYC, stand strong Occupation of Wall Street! Let that shit grow, help it grow.

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Chris Kasper

Love New York more than ever. Good night all.

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Chris Kasper

NYC gallery people not working today, please go to Zuccotti Park (Broadway and Liberty Place) talk to people and get a sense of what is going on. General Assemblies at 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Peaceful protest has attracted excessive violence from NYPD, and the civil disobedience is currently under threat. Your showing up in itself is in defense of our 1st Ammendment-which is presently under severe threat, right here in the city.

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Chris Kasper

NYPD can take down aircraft, if necessary, and they can mace the hell out of young women expressing their 1st Amendment rights too:

NYPD anti-terrorism squad equipped to take down planes if necessary

Ten years after the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the NYPD now has the capability to take down a plane if necessary.

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Chris Kasper

‎"#occupywallstreet - Account of how we were maced: leaving union sq after a peaceful march, after suffering random shovings and beatings by police, we were trapped on a sidewalk, on a quite side street by police with a fence. A white shirt officer grabbed a young girl by her neck and dragged her over the fence. She was already detained and was grabbed because the cop didn't like what she said. I told them they should be in prison and to stop the brutality. Then they pulled a fence across the sidewalk. My fiance reached out for me over the fence and they slammed her into a wall. They told us to leave, but closed in the fence as us inside it tried to run the other way. Then they sprayed us for asking why and screaming at them to cease their aggression. Then the fence and the police disappeared. Obviously is we actually needed to be fenced in they would not have left us." via Damien Crisp who was with his fiance just out of the frame of the young women being maced.

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Chris Kasper

Besides Occupy Wall Street wanting your support, you should come get involved just because it's the most hopeful and bold thing I've ever seen and/or participated in America. 10 days of free space in New York where people are passionately discussing ideas and socializing, not to buy shit and promote their careers, but talk about what's wrong and what is possible. The harder they come down on it, the stronger it gets.

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Chris Kasper via Damien Crisp

Christina Gonzales, one of my many new heroes. Occupy Wall Street is full of bright and beautiful people like her.

Christina Gonzales Arrested and Beat Up by Cops (Occupy Wall Street)

Occupy Wall Street. Dozens of people have been arrested and bullied by police officers as they were protesting against the financial system. Christina Gonzal...

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Chris Kasper

Get up ! Get Down ! There's Revolution In This Town !

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Chris Kasper

My beautiful mom is 99% right on, only she misses the mark about anyone in OWS "looking for fights or picking pockets, but she's a mom, and I love her.   "The feeling I get watching these videos is hard to describe, it's one of those weird feelings in the pit of your stomach, witnessing a momentous event that is both amazing and scary. I saw many riots during the civil rights movement and the antiwar protests of Vietnam, many of them were not peaceful; it brings up the same type of feeling. Admiring the protestors and being afraid for their safety, not understanding why the police interfere when what I see is peaceful protest, yet understanding their need to keep streets open and also their fear of things getting out of hand. The most moving of the videos is the law student from George Washington University talking about the bank he was kneeling in front of taking away his parents home. It's awesome that people get the names of those being arrested to get them assistance or at least be aware of who is being taken away. The chant of "the whole world is watching" is so powerful. I've signed on to the website and will continue watching and spreading the word, probably send in a donation.   Oh course, I'm still a mother and all of the feelings described are magnified when I think about you and Erica and your friends being involved. Please keep up the good work of staying away from extreme situations, stay safe. I'm sure that the majority of people protesting are sincere but there are still those people that are just looking for a fight or pockets to pick. OK, I'll quit telling you things you already know.   I love you, Chris and am very proud of you."

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Chris Kasper

Brookfield Realty which owns Liberty Plaza is demanding police evict protestors from Liberty plaza. The police have a choice here, the police always have a choice.

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Chris Kasper

I've always been inspired by something Greg Bordowitz relayed in a talk, something along the lines of the most radical thing he ever did was to make the first step to reach out to other men with AIDS in it's early days in an attempt to somehow make things better, and forming groups like ACT UP or Gay Men's Health Crisis. It is the initial "reaching out" to one another that I've taken as what is radical. It might seem simple in hindsight, but that first step of reaching out, after having identified something that needs to be addressed and locating others dealing with the same or similar issues is absolutely radical, and not an easy first step to take. I have been thinking about this for a couple days now, and what is happening at OWS reminds me of what GB relayed. By no means whatsoever am I trying to minimize any of the horrors of AIDS, or the struggles of the AIDS community, but simply recognizing that I believe we are witnessing a similar radicality emerging in Zuccotti Park. Of all the diversity I've experienced down there this week, one common trait I've noticed in everyone is a bold refusal of helplessness. We refuse to accept helplessness, even in the face of something that is actually destroying lives, enslaving people in debt, kicking people out of their homes, emptying life savings, leaving them to die slowly for lack of any healthcare, and slaughtering thousands upon thousands over the last ten years in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Libya. We refuse to accept helplessness and we feel the support of friends from around the country and the world for that. We are emboldened by people in other cities who have made that first step with other to come out together and say, in one way or another, "we refuse to simply accept this anymore." And behind that refusal, I have seen and heard expressed a motivation propelled by, in addition to a righteous anger, love. A love of life, a love of our own lives, and the lives of our fellow citizens.

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Chris Kasper

Occupy Wall St. has a new pro bono criminal defense attorney. At General Assembly he advises all of us if we are arrested, to say nothing other than our name and address.

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Chris Kasper

Occupy your city.

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Chris Kasper

Anthony Bologna fucked up. Big time. Lawrence Odonnel just nailed that disgusting, woman-hating pig. New video of that piece of shit spraying indiscriminatingly in front of him as he walks, dragging a young woman. Internal investigation and a public investigation is on him. He's feeling heat. He should be feeling jail bars. Stand strong brave friends.

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Chris Kasper

Dear New York, and local communities, please attend this march on Friday afternoon, September 30th, in non-violent defiance against abusive tactics by the NYPD. Dissent is NOT criminal activity. Please stand with Occupy Wall Street, union leaders, academics, students, and all other New Yorkers at One Police Plaza to call on NYPD to end their unreasonable and brutal tactics that undermine the very nature of free assembly as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  Demonstration in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. 30 September at 17:30, One Police Plaza (NYPD Headquarters)

Demonstration in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.

‎30 September at 17:30, One Police Plaza (NYPD Headquarters)


Chris Kasper

Seems as though many of my NYC friends, who are normally very responsive when I write them here, clam up when I've asked directly about attending/participating in the Occupy Wall Street activities. It has been really exciting when I've run into you guys who have been in touch with me. I really hope to see all of you down there. Most media coverage is way off the mark. Either totally dismissive, or-and thank you, covering the one negative element of police brutality, but both have missed the mark with regards to what has been so positive and stimulating. This is the most interesting thing I've experienced in my nine years of being here. Please come down, find out about what's really happening there.   Love,  your friend,   Chris

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Chris Kasper

you wouldn't get this sense watching the news, which is in a perpetual obsession with Obama and the ridiculous republican debates, but it does look like the country is beginning to wake up

Chris Kasper

As much as the U.S. reveres its military to the point of idolatry (that is, until they come home physically, mentally and spiritually broken) for their "keeping 'Democracy' safe" in the world, I think it's a damned shame these brave men and women who have really dedicated their professional lives to the actual safety of citizens don't get respect and support. Hats off to them for turning out so sharp, in such strong numbers.

Airline Pilots Join "Occupy Wall Street" Protest - 9/28/11

United: Over 700 hundred Continental and United pilots, joined by additional pil...

See more

by: Real Coastal Warriors

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Chris Kasper

Russell Simons about to speak at General Assembly

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Chris Kasper

Making history

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Chris Kasper

Michael Moore back at General Assembly, which is cool, but there's important shit going on regarding Declaration of the Occupation of NYC.

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Chris Kasper

Occupy Wall Street has me believing in the great potential of this country, and tired as hell.

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Chris Kasper

Liberty Plaza, has been occupied since Saturday, September 17th, but NYPD and Commisioner Kelley just figured that out on Wednesday:

Zuccotti Park Can't Be Closed to Wall Street Protesters, NYPD Says -

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said Zuccotti Park owners are required to keep it open 24 hours a day.

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Chris Kasper

Bloomberg, pay attention, or shut the fuck up:

Bloomberg Tells Occupy Wall Street Not To Get Too Comfortable | PolitickerNY

Mayor Mike Bloomberg was asked point-blank this morning by WOR radio host John Gambling if the Occupy Wall Street protesters would be permitted to stay down in Zuccotti Park for as long as the demonstration raged.

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Zuccotti Park Can't Be Closed to Wall Street Protesters, NYPD Says -

Chris Kasper

Radiohead playing Occupy Wall Street at be followed by massive, non-violent demonstration/march to One Police Plaza in protest of NYPD brutality.

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Chris Kasper

I'm glad radiohead is playing OWS. It should bring down a couple people, but it is far from the most exciting thing going on down there.

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Chris Kasper

My mom just told me on the phone "there has to be a revolution".

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Chris Kasper

One Police Plaza... NYPD looked really humble tonight with a few thousand engaged citizens reprimanding them and chanting "people power" on their doorstep. I think they got a message, but we'll send more. After leaving tonight, a group of friends and I were blocking the sidewalk at Zuccotti Park,and a cop came to us and said "excuse me folks, how you doing this evening? Could you please step inside the park so we can keep the sidewalk clear?" And we were all " yes, certainly. Thank you for being so polite" And smiles were exchanged. NYPD got a message. They work for us. And if you pepper spray one of us, you've pepper sprayed us all. And we don't tolerate it. Looks like NYPD wants to behave now. This is good because there is a lot of work to do. It's not on the TV, so you got to come down and get involved. Big things in NYC. Less are sitting on the fence, but so many more are getting off.

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Chris Kasper via Occupy Philadelphia

This is an interesting video of yesterday's OWS action on One Police Plaza. Shows both side of Borough Hall, and the Police Plaza being occupied. From this vantage point, I think it can only be from the ridiculous Gehry tower-which is very high, hence the low image quality. In spite of the very high up location, which obviously effects the image quality, notice the clarity and intensity of sound "we are the 99%!" starting around 3:20-3:50. This was an astounding victory of people power, and an example of the effectiveness of non-violence. We are far from done. The only thing the police could have done to stop this would have been to incite violence themselves. I am glad they did not.

Occupy Wall St. March on Police Plaza

March on police plaza, NY police headquarters after the brutal pepper spraying and abuse that happened last Saturday by a number of officers.

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Chris Kasper

March Today! 3pm. Occupy Wall Street. Broadway and Liberty. Who's coming ! ?

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Chris Kasper

The first ever "Occupied Wall Street Journal" has been printed and is being distributed today....with no ads!

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Chris Kasper

Erica and I were interviewed by Pix 11. Should run at 6. She, of course, sounded brilliant. Me...uh, not so much.

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Chris Kasper

Mass arrests on Brooklyn Bridge. If a friend of yours was call the OWS legal team with as much info as you can gather 212 679 6018.

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Chris Kasper

Hundreds have been arrested for chanting "this is what democracy looks like" and "banks got bailed out, we got sold out." You are not seeing this on the news, and that is frightening. Of the hundreds arrested, I know of one friend who was and waiting to hear from a few more. Dissent is not a crime. I can only hope the silence brings more outrage, and more decent Americans who are fed the fuck up. We are not going away. This IS what democracy looks like.

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Chris Kasper

For those of us who made it to the other side of Brooklyn Bridge today, and gathered in the park on top of a hill, we were honored to a speech by a soldier who served in Afghanistan. He told us how he was a naval medic, and had a wounded little Afghan boy die in his arms. He told us how he had a marine die in his arms. He said he did not know why he went to Afghanistan, but he sure as hell did not go to defend Wall St. while the rest of Americans were suffering, unemployed, enslaved in debt and without healthcare.   There is a rumor I've read tonight about a group of marines who are going to stand in defense of the Wall Street Occupation in Zuccotti Park. I think this is highly unlikely, but in the event this is true, I'll bet one of them who spoke in the park today.

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Chris Kasper

Found out one friend is safe and out of jail. Waiting to hear from 3 more.

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Chris Kasper

Today is Mahatma Gandhi's birthday. I'd like to celebrate it by committing again to sustained non-violent resistance and occupation against the corruption of privately purchased public police forces, privately purchased publically elected officials, the end of America's immoral wasteful wars, and a successful sustained class war of defense against the 1% of the financial oligarchs who currently own the world, and those willfully serve them. Non-violence is our best and only effective weapon. Happy birthday Ghandi.

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Chris Kasper

NYC's law and order is officially owned by JP Morgan now : No wonder those guys have been so out of line, they don't work for us anymore.

JPMorgan Chase recently donated an unprecedented $4.6 million to the New York City Police Foundation. The gift was the largest in the history of the foundation and will enable the New York City Police Department to strengthen security in the Big Apple. The money will pay for 1,000 new patrol car lap...

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Chris Kasper

In spite of being ill, we had to come to General Assembly today to cheer on and thank our 500 + brave brothers and sisters who were arrested last night.

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Chris Kasper

I've noticed piggy-backing a bit, trying to latch on to OWS. My wife and a friend reminded me that they are foot soldiers for Obama. Might be worth keeping a skeptical eye on them. I don't speak for OWS, but I feel fine asserting OWS has no interest in the re-election of Obama. The only hope and change at the moment is in the street, and Zuccotti Park. Seems organized political organizations have been wise to keep out so far. I hope it stays that way. Obama, The Democratic Party or affiliates are about a welcome sight to me as Rick Perry , the NYPD, or my student loans.

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Chris Kasper

Arrest NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna

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Chris Kasper

I just want to say how much I love and admire the young people of OWS, their heart and leadership. Especially the hippies and crusty punks. The drummers and students. Without them OWS is no occupation, but just another tepid protest that ends when the march does. The youth have woken up and are leading the way.

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Chris Kasper

The Occupy Wall Street bug has occupied my respiratory system.

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Chris Kasper

Most massive demonstration associated with Occupy Wall Street yet, tomorrow at City Hall down to Liberty Plaza 4:30. This is the first major march I can't make, due to work. Please go, march with the bright, brave and hopeful, the righteously angry. It will feel good, promise. I will be down just after.

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Chris Kasper

I love Zuccotti Park! I love the Occupation of Wall Street ! The Left is alive, and kicking and screaming !

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