Headed down to the "Wall Street Occupation" hoping it's even a baby step start of something. Solidarity.

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Occupied, occupation of — at Wall St

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Chris Kasper A festive,respectful vibe...crowd is a little small, a couple thousand but it's early.

New York friends....get down here.

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New York get down here!

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Chris Kasper was at Wall St.

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Occupy Wall St is small, but larger than I thought it would be. I hope it holds on, hope it re-groups if it breaks up. Want hope and change ? Get out in the streets! Baby steps...

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Another world is possible

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New York, come down to Wall Street today.

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Park between Church and Bway at Liberty Place. Occupy Wall St. general assembly at 3 pm. NYC, come on down!

Chris Kasper spirit has deflated today...last night's energy has been diverted in "organic committee" and impromptu bureaucracy through a bullhorn...18 September at 17:14 · Like         


Chris Kasper

This wall street occupation needs a lot more young people and students!

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Chris Kasper

I'd love to be wrong, but I think revolutionary spirit goes to die in "organic committees" and impromptu bureaucracy through a bullhorn...last night was very energetic and active... I'm hoping for it to heat up again but Monday morning, but at the moment it's looking grim. Like · · 18 September at 17:18

Chris Kasper

two days of Occupy Wall Street...I'm wondering which of my peers have given any thought to it at all. Wondering if my peers have given any thought to Tehran, Tunis, Cairo, Athens, London or Madison...New York. Is it the media blackout, or a genuine lack of interest; a lack of urgency?

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Occupy Wall Street-I'm not there yet today, but I'm getting reports of a police siege, a power shutdown of the park at Liberty Place and Broadway, as well as paddy wagons a four-deep police surrounding the area. All the more important to be there with cameras and phones... media blackout in Lower Manhattan.

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  Chris Kasper The makeshift "headquartes" is the park on Liberty Place btw Church and Bway...bringing your body is most important, but if you can bring food and/or warm blankys and such, the campers really appreciate it.19 September at 13:00 · Like

Occupy Wall Street...I'm headed down today at 5, look me up and we'll go together.

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Chris Kasper

Occupy Wall Street, here's a link for out-of-towners, and people who might be home ill, and others "there in spirit" and want to pitch in: https://www.wepay.com/donate/99275 I talked to the guy coordinating the food yesterday and he's good...

Chris Kasper

Anyone who thinks young people are apathetic, let me tell you there are about 300 in Lower Manhattan for 3 days who are not. I only wish there were tens of thousands more, and as many not-young people too.

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Chris Kasper

I was so happy to see a great old friend from college at the Wall Street Occupation today, I hope to see many more. If you are in or near by NYC, you have to come down and talk to these great folks and get out and make some noise...every person for every minute is momentum. Please come down, unless you enjoy socialism for the top 1%, watching them enjoy the greatest profits in the history of the world while you drown in debt. Come down, it feels better.

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Chris Kasper

Apathy is one of many tools they have to trick you into collaborating with them in dominating you. You lick the dirt from the bottoms of their shoes with your apathy. Come down to Wall Street and quit licking their soles. Basic dignity is contagious. Solidarity.

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Chris Kasper

Big big ups ! and virtual hugs to my friend Janet Wolfman who, in spite of real challenges was inspired to get down to Wall Street today after seeing the video of protestors being dragged and roughed up by NYPD. Much love to Janet!

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Occupy Wall St. 9/20/2011

by Chris Kasper on Tuesday, 20 September 2011 at 19:30

Janet Wolfman, a 67 year old friend of mine who recently had brain surgery, whose outrage swallowed her fear after watching videos of kids being dragged and beaten bloody by NYPD, came downtown today and brought food and talked with people and met a woman her own age who came all the way from Colorado, to protest...it's happening around the clock, before during and after work. Come down for 10 minutes, 10 hours or 10 days. Occupy Wall Street really needs your participation. NYPD is beating up on beautiful idealistic kids, these amazing kids who are leading, showing the way, trying to take America into their own hands instead of waiting on the next bullshit election cycle. Occupy Wall Street needs our support. I'll see you down there tomorrow.

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Chris Kasper

If you are an academic in or around NYC and you're writing yet one more paper on "Labor Conditions", "The Paris Commune", "Anotonio Gramsci", "Neoliberalism and the Spectacular Affect of the Emerging Precariat", "The Revolutionary Underpinnings of Jean Luc Goddard", "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" or anything "May 68" oriented, and you don't show up for Occupy Wall Street, and you do not have real disabilities, than you're a fraud. You're probably quietly hoping "those delusional assholes from the midwest, or wherever they come from" just go away, so you don't have to be confronted with the inconvenience of having to skip the next dinner party or the next pedantic lecture at The New School Vera List Center. You're only interested in all that jazz because it's academic currency with your faculty, who have been hiding on in their respective departments for the last 40 years. You're only setting yourself up for a financial and existential crisis a couple years down the road when there are no jobs...otherwise we can't wait to see you downtown, and await your appearance with enthusiastic anticipation.

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Chris Kasper

Damien Crisp"The Occupy Wall Street protesters now have a law firm and three bodies of legal representation: the National Lawyers Guild, the Center For Constitutional Rights and the A.C.L.U."

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Megaphones have been banned. The crowd repeats what is being said, so what is being said can be heard.

#occupywallstreet night 4, general assembly, every night at 7pm [HQ]

Length: ‎1:42

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Chris Kasper

‎#occupywallstreet police are attempting to instigate a riot to justify suppressing a movement. Non-violence is the best available weapon

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Chris Kasper

‎#occupywallstreet, "It would be a big deal if more came down. I don't understand people who support the protesters ideologically but criticize the action for not being a big mainstream smash hit. As the speakers there from Spain, Iran and Egypt remind the impromptu visitors, their revolutions began with weeks of protests by a few. The truth is it radically shifts the reality on the ground for the thousands of tourists and workers - and they occupy a plaza peacefully" Damien Crisp

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Chris Kasper

China, Iran, Saudi Arabi, Pakistan and the United States lead the world in the use of death penalty.

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Chris Kasper

Barbarians have had Troy Davis on a suicide watch so he cannot kill himself before they execute him.

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Chris Kasper

For the moment, I don't lament the lack of national media at #occupywallstreet. There are genuinely beautiful and formative things happening there (and really beautiful people), happening in nuanced ways that I don't think could translate and be distilled into media sound bites. It's growing and will continue to do so. America, I think, should find some optimism with what is happening there. I certainly am. The media will catch up eventually, but important things, positive things are happening there right now. Stay tuned, and participate. Hope to see you there tomorrow and over the weekend.

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Chris Kasper

I just read about the horrific state lynching of Troy Davis. I'm too saddened by this right now, too deflated to feel the outrage I know is coming. There was plenty of concrete evidence to support a reasonable doubt. Snap out of your apathy America. It fucking matters. Murdering barbarians. Shame shame on Georgia, shame on the United States. My heart goes out to his family.

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Chris Kasper

RIGHT NOW there is a free zone at Liberty park in NYC where people are coming together not to consume products but to talk about democracy and equality. This is rare as can be. Come join us!

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Chris Kasper

Troy Davis rally arriving in 5 min. General assembly postponed until after.

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Chris Kasper

Shit is going down

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Chris Kasper

Yes, tonight was productive too.

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Chris Kasper

Looking forward to seeing all the friends who told me they are coming at the march tomorrow. You know who you are. But I also hope to see many more. Starts at Liberty Plaza/ Zucotti Park at the corner of Liberty Place and Broadway - with the big red Di Suvero sculpture. 12:00 noon, rain or shine. Solidarity.

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