You Are Beautiful and You Are a Chair

“A chair has waited such a long time to be with its person. Through shadow and fly buzz and the floating dust it has waited such a long time to be with its person.
What it remembers of the forest it forgets, and dreams of a room where it waits — Of the cup and the ceiling — Of the Animate One.”

—”A Chair,” from The Very Thing that Happens by Russell Edson

Wicker Porch Chair: tops and button-downs by Arizona, Union Bay, Route 66, Sears and MSK

Breuer Chair: sweater by Merona; satin tops by George, Anne Klein and To The Max

Gothic Revival Chair: tops by Joyce Leslie, Stanford and Nordstrom; skirt by Studio 1 ; red pant by Cabin Creek

Cheetah & Burlwood Armchair: tops by St. John's Bay, Worthington, Tracy Durrow, and Bonanza; velvet pant by Liz Baker

Windsor Armchair: Various button-down shirts by Puritan, Gant, Colours, Woolrich, Coleman, Green Oak, Trail's End, Dickies, Timber Trail, William's Bay, Backpacker, Roundtree & Yourke

Thonet Chair: American flag, shirt and lounge pants by Joe Boxer; GAG t-shirt by Michael Magnan and Cameron Cooper for OAK; fabric by Joann Fabrics

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