We’re excited to announce that Niko Karamyan and Tierney Finster win the open public vote and Riccardo Paratore wins the International Jury Vote in the second annual DIScrit, and the inaugural year of the new annual award for emerging talent – Re Rebaudengo Serpentine Grants.

The first Grant winner chosen by open public vote is Niko Karamyan (b. 1992, United States) and Tierney Finster (b. 1991, United States). Working as a collaborative under the name of Niko the Ikon and Tierney Finster, Karamyan and Finster first began working together in 2004. Their video productions and performances draw on and explore their own take on life’s simplicities, such as love, nature, spirituality and sense of humour alongside the more complex notions of sex, wealth and identity.

The second winner is Riccardo Paratore (b. 1990, Germany), who was selected by the International Jury. Riccardo Paratore has been living in an abandoned shop for one year. It was located in Germaniastraße No. 31 in Düsseldorf and had a large glass window facing the street. During that time four events took place at the space themed Eat, Work, Sleep, and Dance (2012/13). In each of them a basic need and/or activity was performed and displayed. The events are time-based non-material pieces that take the everyday as a point of departure.

The jury has also decided to assign three special mentions to the following artists:
Amalia Ulman (b. 1989, Argentina)
Jasper Spicero (b. 1990, United States)
Haroon Gunn-Salie (b. 1989, South Africa)


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