Artist BioAlexandra (Ally) Marzella was born in 1990 and graduated from RISD with the class of 2012. Some people call me Rosey Diamond or artwerk6666 I am a semi-uncultivated artist. I shunned art for most of my life although innate creativity got me through it thus far. Both my parents were artists and watching my mother struggle as a painter really turned me off. I avoided the term 'artist' until very recently even though I have always been considered 'artsy' and yes, I went to an art and design school. However, fashion was my passion duh! So like that's not the same thing as art. This was all really stupid and trivial of me and was probably just a projection of my ultimate insecurity; failure of self. I was pretty active as a child but dance and cheerleading really solidified my relationship with my body. Health is pretty much everything. My potential is out of control. I kick myself every day for not doing certain things sooner. I am extremely outgoing and confident yet seek validation from my peers and predecessors constantly. Besides the 'self' i whole heartedly believe in the selfie and the macbook/iphone as a medium.


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I think that the placement of oneself into alternate realities, pass-times and the general desire to get away and or experience more than what is handed or presented to us provides a profusion of opinions and inspiration. So this is my thesis collection from 2012 at RISD. I look back on this and i'm all like 'ew' because to me it looks very 'Tumblr' or seapunk or something but in reality it was a substantial body of work and the basic concept still resonates with me strongly. As far as craft and innovation this collection was definitely a challenge. I personally digitally printed all of the prints using the textiles facilities. Ultimately this collection was based on imagination and the translation of that into our physical surroundings. I wanted to create a collection that brought 'joy' to the viewer and wearer. More inspirations were/are Barbies, The Sims, the internet and LARP.
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Ally x Anna x artwerk6666

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This is not a joke. This is very serious. This is a video of me dancing/working out and looking at myself too much overlaid with audio of me and my girl Anna watching it and talking about both related and non-realated stuff, jk, everything is related. Basically this is a very small example of some of the work I would like to create. Originally I was going to submit a 'reel' of several of my dance videos but thought this one as a whole with the audio was stronger/more fun.
spread eagle me
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When this 89plus opportunity arose I instantly felt destined to be involved. However in order to submit a proposal for a project to be realized in the future I would have to be super decisive, which d I am not. I instantly utilized facebook chat and started asking my friends, "What do you think I should do for DIScrit?". I was kind of amazed by the response I got and although I've come up with other ideas since then I think this one is still the strongest on multiple levels. First of all I have always been a huge supporter of collaboration and utilizing the skills of artists around you rather than trying to do everything yourself (although I often do that too). My friend Ross Leonardy proposed "nude selfies" point blank. He knows me and probably knows about my nudes on photo booth so I love that he thought ally+art= and came out with a very direct answer. My mom proposed I stop smoking weed for a few weeks and make art about that. Other conversations delved deeper into my psychosis and obsession with selfies and sluttiness. Pretty much all of the ideas I got were amazing and beautiful and I would love to see some of them to fruition. Casually dropping these three ladies names/websites in here because we're all hopefully working together on a show this winter. Katie( and Ester( actually texted me asking if I would be down for a show about me and my online presence.. which is obviously up my alley considering I just made signed up to Klout. Days before Rachel( and I had discussed doing a video piece together using her fine art skills and my ? skills to create something cool af. Ideally, the mentors and I would review the proposals I have collected and choose 1-10 projects depending on their scale.
nude selfie example 1
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