Artist Bio20/Capricorn/Kansas CIty-Baltimore | My earliest memory is seeing the face of the Wicked Witch of the West fill the screen of a movie theater when I was 2. I was so traumatized and excited by the experience that I dressed in witch drag and acted out little scenarios as the Wicked Witch until I was in about 1st grade. Today, I still lead a fantasy witch life!! I have been a contributing artist to the community art organization Whoop Dee Doo since 2009 and shown with them nationally. Recently my focus with Whoop Dee Doo is leading creative workshops with youth, and I have developed Whoop Dee Doo workshops for youth at Caldera (Portland), Urgent, Inc. Rites of Passage Program (Miami) and Lighhouse Youth (Cincinnati). I have also costumed/styled artist Jaimie Warren’s photos and live appearances/performances for the past year. I am a student at the Maryland Institute College of Art and have shown nationally, including at the Margulies Collection (Miami), The World Financial Center (NYC) and the Smithsonian Museum of American Art (Washington D.C.) I’m interested in Youtube, Missy Elliott, production value, queer strategies, reality TV, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, drag, “social practice,” and a lot of other things too!!!


DETONATIN' THE BOMB, 2013, 0:00:6
I am inspired by people’s abilities to physically manifest their fantasies and admire the REACH in productions with grand aspirations outside the abilities of their makers, especially in “user created content” and cultural production outside of “high art." These videos are fantasies about myself and others created in my physical reality. ;~p
DETONATIN' THE BOMB, 2013, 0:00:6
Deuces FEMALE VERSION Pasha Roleplay, 2013, 0:00:06 (Loop)
BODY PARTY, 2013, 0:00:06 (Loop)
Partial installation view at PENTHOUSE Gallery (Baltimore, MD). Shown with "Untitled Table" by Max Anderson.
GOLD EVERYTHANG, 2013, 0:00:10 (Loop)

901 Arts Teaching

901 students in costumes they made to correspond to the set of a Whoop Dee Doo performance. They used the theme, materials and color pallet of the rest of the production to make costumes that turned them into human/plant hybrids!
901 Arts is a neighborhood arts center serving the youth and families of the Better Waverly neighborhood in Baltimore, MD. I began teaching the weekly visual art class for elementary school-aged students in 2011. I also developed a workshop series for for these students corresponding to a Baltimore project by Whoop Dee Doo in 2012. For the 2012/2013 school year, I focused my classes on projects that allowed students to manifest fantasies physically. At the suggestion of students, we took on the future as a theme and developed fantasy homes, inventions, characters and scenarios from the future. The students I work with are incredibly multi-talented and respond really well to opportunities to perform. I ended each semester with large-scale video production projects, to introduce students to production techniques and equipment and give them a chance to perform. In December students produced skits with puppets and props developed throughout the semester. In May, students made costumes for skits and interviews to be included in a larger video documenting the different functions of the art center. Working with these students every week gives me so much energy and excitement for my own "studio practice." I try to eliminate the space between my personal practice and my work with this community.
901 students in costumes they made to correspond to the set of a Whoop Dee Doo performance. They used the theme, materials and color pallet of the rest of the production to make costumes that turned them into human/plant hybrids!
901 students in costumes they made to correspond to the set of a Whoop Dee Doo performance. They used the theme, materials and color pallet of the rest of the production to make costumes that turned them into human/plant hybrids!
Making windows that look out on the FUTURE!
"Green screen me holding a guitar." - Daja
Nicki Minaj as a plumber, Rick Ross, Drag Queen, Soldier, Butterfly, Witch and Pinata making a music video!


Baltimore Drag University will be an intensive workshop series for high school-aged students in the urban Baltimore area. This opportunity will connect young creatives with each other and professionals, build confidence, foster queer community, and create the next generation of drag superstars! Structured like the reality TV shows "RuPaul’s Drag Race" and "RuPaul’s Drag U," students will partake in challenges that will test their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, and favor resourcefulness and creativity over appearances or beauty. In fact, Baltimore Drag University will not focus on drag as female impersonation, but as a way for anyone to develop an over-the-top persona they can use to express whatever they want! This project will invite different arts professionals, artists, designers and performers to give specific tutorials and lectures about their skills. The students will then have a subsequent challenge to test the skills they just learned. All of these challenges will test the students’ ability to express their personality and individuality, but with the use of necessary life skills such as working with limited time and budget, and the use of unconventional materials. For instance, a tutorial on character building through theatrical/drag makeup might be followed with a challenge to create an amazing makeup look in a dark room with no mirrors while ghost sound effects and fog fill the air. Although challenges, games and performances will have panels of fabulous guest judges giving suggestions and critiques, nobody loses at Baltimore Drag University. At the end of the workshop series, students will debut their new persona at a final showcase for the public. The whole process will be extensively documented in a reality show-style documentary video. While the documents of this project have the potential to be really great, the most potentially significant product of Baltimore Drag University is the connections created between those involved. Introducing motivated creative youth to creative professionals, mentors and EACH OTHER creates infinite possibilities for the future of the first graduating class of Baltimore Drag University!!!
"1 Minute Makeover" contest I hosted live on the set of Whoop Dee Doo in Baltimore 2012. Two audience members had one minute and a pre-made makeup/hair kit to give the current reigning Miss Baltimore and Miss Washington D.C. fantasy glam makeovers!!! Past projects like this will influence the sensibility of Baltimore Drag University.
Students of a Whoop Dee Doo workshop I led on developing a monster persona at the Art Live Fair in Miami 2012. A Baltimore Drag University student could look like one of these lovely ladies!
Projected transformation of a generic space into a work room/dressing room for Baltimore Drag University!
Projected decoration and snack table for the Baltimore Drag University final debut party!


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