Artist BioMy name is Eno. I'm an Animator. (Please if you want to see my work watch the videos, the pictures don't represent the images well and GIF's don't seem to work. Thanks, Love you)


This film is about our virtual lives. Images taken from the internet have been visually reinterpreted through rotoscopy. We live online. Music by Lieven Moana (Doplhins into the future) Sound by Suji Co. Link to video below. "Cat videos, Youtube comments, flashing airport logotypes; all of these everyday web-phenomena are reinterpreted via rotoscoping. The darker parts of our virtual lives make an entry when civilians end up getting shot in video games, resulting in a killing spree award. Life can be cruel, even on the internet." - Non-Reality inc.


Project in which I wanted to create a short film within 5 days. 4 days of drawing and 1 for scanning. First time I rotoscoped. PURELY VISUAL PROJECT IN BLACK, WHITE, RED AND BLUE. (Original footage from Kurosawa's Sanjuro)


Screenshot from the Topaz Gang music video
L I V E // L O V E // L I K E & S H A R E was all about living virtually. The process of making that film was very improvisational. As in, I had a general idea but the footage I used was mostly chosen a week before I drew it and only after I did a part I thought about the next. Nearing the end of the project I was asked to make a Music Video for Topaz Gang, the footage I made for this video was also used in my animated short and was rotoscoped footage of hentai games and dead or alive. It's about this moment where I became more interested in the hypersexualisation of virtual women, especially in japanese videogames (mostly because they have to compete with bigger American studios and they do this by using sex) and the way alot of players are blindly accepting this as normal. Alot of these games have voyeuristic sides aswell, controlling the camera around moaning beat up women etc. I want to make more material using this as inspiration. Right now I'm thinking about a series of GIFs, my animation style also adds to the voyeurism, after all I choose what the viewer sees. But, knowing myself, this is a starting point. as a project this will probably evolve while I'm working on it.
Screenshot from the Topaz Gang music video


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