Artist BioI am a narrative filmmaker, that utilizes aspects of documentary to give my work the feeling of augmented reality. My goal as a filmmaker is to educate people, to foster a connection between them, and to make them less aware of their own ego. My interest in interpersonal connection goes hand in hand with egocentric culture, globalization, and ancient religious philosophies. I was born in 1989 and received my BFA in video and film arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Primero Dios

The hunt.
A feature length film about a boy and his father who catch and sell animals in the desert of Estado De México. They catch an Eagle and the father is arrested. The eagle escapes and the father disappears from jail. Ignorant of death, the boy follows the eagle on a journey to find his father. On his journey he encounters a witch, a dead man, and a king who give him a new perspective. Primero Dios is a collaboration with Pablo Monterrubio and was awarded the F. Grainger Marburg Traveling Scholarship in 2011.
The hunt.
Staring into a reflection.
The boy reaches the mountain.
The moment of smoke.
Returning home.

Let's Get Out of Here.

An electronic cigarette and resonant memories of another.
"We are stuck in a space created by you, but limited to your subconscious and what you can create to best display that for an audience - which is limiting. For this to be an unlimited display of your subconscious, which in itself is limited to your knowledge, you would have to display the subconscious itself to an audience in real time." Let's Get Out of Here is a short travelogue about the frustrations of being confined to your own mind space.
An electronic cigarette and resonant memories of another.
A phone call from the ego.
Fantasy ride.
Next era energy.
Shallow beach prayers and a reflection of the sky.

To get reborn, I guess you gotta die. »»» PROPOSAL «««

If a wolf comes running.
Three teenage Pueblo girls growing up on a reservation in New Mexico struggle to form identity and find balance in the faces of 2,013 wolves. Despite thousands of years of spiritual symbiosis in the desert, American consumerism sells a new brand of spirituality, and its charm is powerful. Swiftly delivered to mud homes through devices and webs, pop culture brings tidings: where there once was a sacred non-written language, now there is Drake; where there once was buck skin, now there are phat pants. The smell after a long prayed for rain when the frogs and turtles have come out, vs. a two-month-old New-Mexico-scented Air Wick. Feast-time dances offered in all four directions vs. 28-day abs from an entire row of fitness mags. Pink clouds in the sky vs. pink clouds on Tumblr. A sanctified un-photographed mesa vs. out*here desert selfies. Spirit vs. stuff. Soul vs. surroundings. The rapist, and the infatuation with the rapist. Defining self. Defining girl. Defining the future of a disappearing culture. Video: A collaboration between Sara Parrish and Rachel Younghans, edited by Sara Parrish. Song: Music by Chinonyeelu Uchechi Amobi, words and mixing by Rachel Younghans. With funding, a full length movie will be shot in New Mexico about three teenage Pueblo rapper/singer girls confronting injustices and adapting to a highly permeating outside culture. The movie will shoot in early 2014.
If a wolf comes running.
Grass dancing in an EDM world.
Gatorade variety pack.


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