Artist BioYounger Than Rihanna - M4M (23) I never post on here, but we spoke yesterday at the club and I have to find you. You were this skinny guy with blue eyes who was wearing a see-through shirt. It was really hot. You told me you were in grad school and you're some sort-of writer or an artist. Maybe it was both? I couldn't really tell since they were blasting "Diamond" and I barely heard a word. I would like to get back in touch! If you see this, tell me what color shoes I was wearing. - Location: Austin, TX - It's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests.

Ill as Never

"Ill as Never" is a compilation of short stories written by myself and others. The original content consists of a series of small biographies, inspired by social media and dating sites. The other stories were written by unknown authors and found in the "Spam" section of my email account. Altogether, the pieces are about people in search of something -- love, sex, money, attention, and other services. "Ill as Never" is not yet released, but will be available to read both in-print and digitally in the near future.


According to Wikipedia, smart glass "refers to electrically charged switchable glass or glazing which changes light transmission properties when voltage is applied . . . When activated, the glass changes from transparent to translucent, partially blocking light while maintaining a clear view through the glass." A video example of smart glass is included . . . The project will be composed of three panels, each with a series of text. The text will provide information on subjects including, but not limited to, privacy, anonymity, and free speech. Each panel will have a layer of smart glass over it. Ideally, the viewer of the pieces will be able to switch the smart glass on or off. Thus, the viewer can choose whether they want to read the information or render it "private." If granted, the funding for the project will mainly go towards ordering the smart glass, having it made, and having it shipped. The funding will also be used towards the making of the panels and the placement of the text onto the panels.


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