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Kitch vs Camp

This is a series exploring images and objects that may be considered kitschy or tacky. The viewers examine these pieces and may dissect them to either conclude its nature, whether it's high brow or low brow. In a sense, these objects are all props that have somewhat become distasteful over times as repeated exposure occurs. The sense of these objects overdone brings to mind the notions of overexposure. What becomes distasteful? What becomes even almost offensive? This is a series that explores the context in which such objects, artifact-like, resonate with our culture today. Are they outdated? What meaning do they bring to the public eye? These are questions raised for the series.

Male form (Et in Arcadia Ego)

The series explores abstract photography and re-contextualizing the male body. These photographs emote a disconcerting relationship between the color temperatures and the subject, the sculptural nature of the figures. Displacement and disorientation are themes explored here, in which the subjects are placed within the composition as if isolated. Here, isolation of the male form is rendered by color and esoteric placement and nature. These photographs are classical in a sense yet remain a raw contemporary outlook on the male form. Through the canon of art history, the male form continues to thrive as a cultural and historical landmark in art. These forms are explored in a contemporary light that are executed in a dystopian yet meditative manner.


A feature documentary exploring the renowned artist Bruce Nauman. This is a documentary exploring an established artist known worldwide and his personal life beyond the city premises. Based in the artist's studio and ranch in rural New Mexico, the documentary not only explores his work ethic outside of the hectic cities but the landscape and small town community in which the artist himself immerses himself and finds inspiration. The relationship between both this landscape and the artist is a pivotal and essential aspect of the documentary, considering the artistic heritage of these art colonies in New Mexico persisting.The documentary would also explore his own relationship with Susan Rothenberg, as two artists living with each other, working, and maintaining their personal lives outside the city. The artist colonies that persist throughout the rural art world in New Mexico provide an isolated glimpse into an environment that further enriches the art works created. The couple, essentially ranchers within the town of Galisteo, are both established artists that continue serving the art world and inspiring artists worldwide. Bruce Nauman is an artist perhaps responsible for the advent of conceptual art movement. This is a documentary that serves as an homage to the artist, shrouded with fame, finding peace beyond the city life and continuing his work as the artist that we know: Bruce Nauman.


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