Artist BioI am currently pursuing a B.A. at Vassar College. Studio art is my main field of study and my other interests include philosophy and film. Through my art, I am searching for the emotional narratives of the non-events, the gaps in consciousness, the incidental occurrences, the ignored messages, and the forgotten memories. These ambiguous moments materialize in the interior and exterior spaces that we occupy on a daily basis.


Basements hold the forgotten memories and secrets of our everyday lives. A tattered cardboard box protects a crumbling lace wedding dress. Another box is full of someone's half-filled diaries. The refrigerator is nearly empty and the couches look a little dusty; an ashtray is scattered with ten-year-old cigarettes. In their unperturbed existence, basements glow with an honesty of place.


The atmosphere of a room fluctuates depending on its inhabitant. These photographs explore the narrative potential of both occupied and empty rooms.

Constructed Narratives

Proposal: My interest in art stems from a fascination with human stories. Any sculpture, drawing, or photograph I have created has always told some kind of story. Sometimes I create the story before creating and sometimes the story evolves as I create. I believe the most important human stories are about seemingly insignificant events, or things that just barely escaped notice. It would be a great dream of mine to combine my interest in storytelling, sculpture, and photography to construct stylized, life-size scenarios and photograph them. (The attached images do this on a more condensed scale). Imagine a book of short stories translated into sculptural representations. With the end result of large scale digital prints, the photographic medium will provide a border to the narratives, causing the viewer to question what lies beyond the frame, and what might happen next.


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