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Tamed and Dead

Tamed and Dead 1
Tamed and Dead is a series of oil paintings, which lays out elements from selected memories and stories, such as fables and folklore, to produce mythologized personal histories. I utilize visual cues that describe my childhood realizations of national identity, in contrast to my current attitudes towards the notion of nationalism.
Tamed and Dead 1
Tamed and Dead II
Tamed and Dead III

Wolf Red: Red Wolf

Not quite illustrations, these acyclic paintings offer depictions from a non-linear story that has no true beginning or end. The characters, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, not only change physical forms, but also transpose to one another. These intended confusions parallel to the artist's position on national identity.

Here and There

Using found blocks of raw wood, I would like to continue to create editioned prints of animals and plants that symbolize something particular to the "east" and "west." I have already created a woodblock, Zodiac. Both sides were used to create prints, Zodiac #1, which displays the eastern zodiac, and Zodiac #2, the western zodiac (not yet photographed). The block itself is an art object because of the seeped ink of the images used for the print, as well as its unique raw stump shape. I would like to find stumps and cut tree branches (around my hometown, New York City, and possibly Toronto) and create images that will remain on-site (the block) and that will be in the form of an art product (the editioned print).


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