Artist BioEmma Canfield is a photographer currently based in West Hollywood, CA. Emma has exhibited in Washington DC (US Capitol), Providence, RI, and Boston, MA and has works in the collections of the Smithsonian Museum of American History and the RISD Special Collection. Emma received her BFA in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2012. She works for celebrity photographer Timothy White as his studio manager.

Stolen Time

The world created through these images is a hauntingly beautiful adventure, but one that seems overcast by an unseen menace. A recreation of that half-unconscious, half-awakened period when childhood is becoming adolescence, it is entirely populated by my two sisters, who become the imprints of my recollections. Many of the scenes are consciously voyeuristic: who is watching the two girls? Is there a third party we do not see? It is a movie experienced through stills, photos that become cinematic, capturing the dreamscape of their lives, but still seeing it through the haze of time and the knowledge of what may be to come. These images are about time, but they are also timeless. The present, however, constantly intrudes on the figures, grounding them in a harsh reality. These scenes are reenactments of events that happened only in my imagination.
Try Not to Breathe
Perfect Circle

No Way Out

The day to day of life in a big city, surrounded by millions yet feeling so alone. This body of work explores how one can feel so alone in such a big city. The moments of stillness where you can reflect and have a moment of clarity that others around you perhaps are experiencing the same thing?


This ongoing body of work explores the ability to show and hide details that the viewer sees. Most people believe that a photo is truth/fact, that it is real. But it is just one point of view, one perspective, one reality. What am exploring with this body of work is how to capture a young girl and make her look as though she is in her significantly older, simply with camera angle, and no post production. I am creating these images in the manor of a high fashion photography, to reinforce the illusion of the subjects being older. With the DIScrit 89Plus grant it would support the continued production of this body of work, allowing me to further my visual investigation.
That Day


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