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Marissa's Pale Blog

marissa's pale blog (yahoo)
A pre-emptive marketing campaign following Yahoo's acquisition of Tumblr. The logos of Yahoo and its various media properties are embedded in a series of quickly produced paintings, then disseminated via Tumblr. The paintings are targeted at an audience — specifically, teenage girls with pale / pastel / soft grunge blogs. Acceptance of Yahoo's branding is facilitated by the use of the hashtags and aesthetic tropes commonly associated with pale blogs.
marissa's pale blog (yahoo)
marissa's pale blog (wretch)
installation view
installation view
installation view

I Want a Billion

intern study #1
Rap game James Franco. Art game Shawn Carter.

Jay-Z's performance at Pace Gallery last month shocked and depressed some critics, but the event should come as no surprise. Neither should the enthusiastic participation of many prominent art world figures, from Marina Abramovic and Dana Schutz to George Condo and Andres Serrano. It's become cliché to talk about the art world as merely a luxury goods market. In a marketplace predicated upon conspicuous consumption, appearances matter immensely. I wonder what dancing with Hova has done for Lawrence Weiner's market performance.

Oh, what a feeling.

At the same time, artists and art history students study for four years (and incur the debt associated with higher education) in order to have the privilege to work 30 hours a week at a Pace Gallery offshoot in exchange for a travel stipend. On the other end of the spectrum, we have unpaid internships for artists like Abramovic that promise "exciting projects" upon completion. The tacit guarantee that accompanies these internship agreements is that there will be paid employment following the internship, either with the company that employed the intern or with a third party. Never mind the fact that this violates the Fair Labor Standards Act and perpetuates the economic stratification inherent in the contemporary art world.

Fuck it, I want a billion.

The obvious question at this point may be "what's stopping unpaid art interns from seeking redress?" In June, a Federal District Court judge in New York issued a ruling in favor of two unpaid interns that worked on the set of Black Swan. Since then, suits have been filed against Atlantic Records, Gawker, and Condé Nast, among others. The answer to the question "why not art interns?" is obvious: success in the art world requires connections. Once a former intern burns a gallery or artist's studio, who would ever dream of hiring that person? This is just the way we do business.

Aw, fuck it, I want a trillion.
intern study #1
intern study #2


CHRISTRS business card
This is a proposal / work in progress.

China is home to the world's largest art and auction market. Artists, gallerists, and auction houses have been trying to capitalize on this relatively new market, sometimes with unexpected results. Take, for example, the shanzhai copies of Florentijn Hofman's rubber duck sculpture and Zaha Hadid's Wangjing SOHO development.

Christrs is a virtual auction house, founded as a response to Christie's (佳士得) suit in Hong Kong against rival Chritrs Group (佳士德) for trademark infringement — both are pronounced "Ja Shi De" in Chinese. Christrs sits in between these two companies in terms of name, corporate image, and product inventory. The objects offered by Christrs are all third-rate knock-offs of artworks from recent Christie's contemporary art evening sales, from artists like Richter, Stella, Warhol, etc. Christrs aims to pollute the market, confuse consumers, and create a productive tension between various conceptions of "market" and the idea of a "copy."

The grant for this project would be used to complete the Christrs website, and to rent a space near Christie's Rockefeller Center location for a one-time evening auction of the art objects that have been produced for this project. The grant would also be used to conduct further research on the history of copying in China, from the calligraphic process of Wang Xizhi during the Jin Dynasty to the present day.
CHRISTRS business card
CHRISTRS press image


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