Diego De Lazzer

Artist Biostudying Architecture at IUAV, Venice, working for SOME/THINGS, Paris.


in the coming new era, people will share their lives directly through a continuous, real-time video capture. in this scenario, in which life itself will become the perfect status symbol, the need for an object which can provide improvements to our perceived social status will be utmost. since the normal market won't be able to create a similar object anymore, art will do so. the object could be sold, stolen, asked, found, given, exchanged: the only rule will be the impossibility to keep it for more than three days, or every possible owner will get the right to own it. an internal GPS detector will always define its position on the planet, widespread online, and two cameras will take what will be the most famous followed "profile" in the world, giving to the temporary owner an unconditional social power for three days.


while the use of drugs around the world is always increasing, it is still a taboo, even in the perception of art. the idea is to force the public in having a deeply new perception of art and life, asking the visitors to lick a big rectangle of paper, secretly soaked with LSD. every sign left on the paper will mean a visitor's epiphany, creating a new, parallel environment within the normal exhibition, defined just by surely sincere new ways to perceive our world. the scandal produced by making people do drugs without warning them, has the precise aim of drawing attention on the incredible hypocrisy our society is still living nowadays on the matter of drugs' use.


as i get inspiration and deeply want to realize it many times per day, i will symbolically bleed many times per day in a box, suffering for pain and lost, enjoying my inner creation expressing out of myself. once the box will be filled up, it will be exposed to gamma rays, in order to develop cancer. sealed up in a lead shell, it will become my perfect artistic object; something which can host the unmanageable uncertainties between life and death: an unexplorable tool through which i can experience death and existential changes, while remaining pure and alive.


DIS Magazine 89 Plus Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Serpentine Gallery DLD