Artist BioI am 24 years old. I grew up partly in post commuist bulgaria surrounded by obsolete electronics and a mixture of delayed 80s and 90s media embedded in decaying socialist utopian architecture. I loved to fall asleep to the sound of electroc buzz from plugged adaptors. In 2011 i started exploring the stability of digital and analog data. I manipulate data sets, transfer their structures into different media. The core of my work is mostly the gaps between things.

Transmedial Corrosion

Human voice is recorded in WAVE format. THe data set is transferred into grayscale pixel graphic. The grahic is printed on analog medium paper. The print is rescanned and reinterpreted as sound. Witht his process i observe the change of digital data when transferred into an analog medium and redigitalized.

Sonar Etching

Digital sound files are translated into vibration and scratched with a needle membrane on asphalt coated copper plates. A study of translation of sonar activity into movement.


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