Darling’s Room

Unreconstructed hermetic masculinity is so over...

Marvin’s Room was my 1st experience of Drake and I was in a hire car listening to a hip hop station. When Marvin’s Room came on I freaked out like what’s that??? It just cut thru everything: like it really went there, it was like the lacanian real. As a songwriter and public figure I guess Drake knows that there is a lot of swag in vulnerability; like if you’re a real man you can afford to let your guard down & just express yourself cos if you’re getting all the pussy & the paper there’s no need to advertize or front tough.
Unreconstructed hermetic masculinity is so over, and because Drake is explicitly avant in that way he kinda ends up a queer folk hero. The whole #DraketheType meme is pretty much just a list of unembarrassedly homosocial gestures and traits. On one hand it’s p funny & on the other hand the joke’s on you: lmao if you’re too crippled by your socialized normative masculinity to lock hands w your homies when you high-five.
& also yeah, I identify with the Drake brand, it’s like redolent of #losermilitia & the whole JD thing. Which of course is not really a thing but just a mode of being. And no less a performance for being authentic.

–Jesse Darling

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