A mix by ____HD that tours the drippy noises of anon Scandinavian producers to the squeaky bounce of Jersey Club, and the extreme ha of nu-Vogue music.

DIS Magazine: Materials


Mix by She's Drunk. Art by LaTurbo Avedon.

DIS Magazine: Layers


Mix by Goon Club Allstars. Art by Joe Hamilton.

DIS Magazine: Sonic Chatroulette

Sonic Chatroulette

Try your hand at remixing Holly Herndon's "Chorus" with some total strangers.

DIS Magazine: Perfect Lullaby vol. 2

Perfect Lullaby vol. 2

Mix by Nguzunguzu. Art by Denis Nazarov.

DIS Magazine: Free Indeed

Free Indeed

Mix by Palmistry. Art by Daniel Swan.

DIS Magazine: The Other Grammys

The Other Grammys

With the Grammys hosted at the Staples Center tonight, we brought our favorite musicians and artists together to pick their favorite tracks from 2013

DIS Magazine: Christmas 2.0

Christmas 2.0

A preview mix of the upcoming compilation by PC Music and Priz Tats.

DIS Magazine: Huewave


Mix by Tielsie.

DIS Magazine: L’otion


Mix by Glasser.

DIS Magazine: Sitting On The Ceiling Trying To Eat Cereal

Sitting On The Ceiling Trying To Eat Cereal

Mix by Slugabed.

DIS Magazine: PREMIERE | L-Vis 1990 & Sinjin Hawke  – “Flash Alert”

PREMIERE | L-Vis 1990 & Sinjin Hawke – “Flash Alert”

Sinjin Hawke and L-Vis 1990 present the latest in the Fractal Fantasy series, "Flash Alert".

DIS Magazine: Euro to Dollar

Euro to Dollar

Mix by Contact Lens.

DIS Magazine: Exotic Fantasy

Exotic Fantasy

Mix by Tokyo Hands. Art by Kyselina.

DIS Magazine: Personal Computer Music

Personal Computer Music

Mix by A. G. Cook.

DIS Magazine: The Real Remixes Hit The Beach

The Real Remixes Hit The Beach

We asked you to send us your best Real Housewives theme song remixes, and here they are!

DIS Magazine: Modified Branded Landscapes

Modified Branded Landscapes

Unblock pop-ups and get out your poppers! A new Ria Ekin mix is here.

DIS Magazine: Workout Module 001

Workout Module 001

Mix by Dance System. Art by Alan Schaffer.

DIS Magazine: XTC Mix


Mix by J-cush

DIS Magazine: Euphoria Connection

Euphoria Connection

Mix by Zakmatic. Visuals by Claudia Mate and Carlos Saez.